Only the top 1% of people see new staircase optical illusion correctly – do you?


ONLY a select few can view this optical illusion correctly – but if you struggle to see it, internet commenters may be your saving grace.

The tricky illustration went viral, with over 526k views, and social media users were eager to share their interpretations of the image.


TikTok star MrWright shared this optical illusion in a viral postCredit: TikTok/mrronwright

TikTok user MrWright shared the picture with his 7.4million followers in a video clip, where he introduced the super-challenging illusion.

“Only one percent of people can actually see this optical illusion,” Mr Wright said by way of introduction.

Above him, a simple line drawing of a staircase appeared.

“This looks like a normal staircase,” the TikTok star said.

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“Flip your phone around, and it should appear upside down – that is, until you blink,” he continued.

Once you blink, the magic happens in your brain. “It should now appear right-side-up again,” the content creator said.

In the comments, thousands reported their own success with the illusion, with some people totally unable to see the movement.

Some were skeptical of the poster and even accused him of manipulating the clip.

“He flipped it 14 seconds in,” one viewer claimed.

Another person said that they had the same reaction, but confirmed the original poster hadn’t pulled a fast one.

“I even paused the video to try it as I thought the image switched,” they contested.

“The image doesn’t change at all,” another person agreed. “It looks like that because of the three shades used.”

A few viewers couldn’t explain why the illusion worked for them immediately.

“I didn’t blink,” one viewer wrote. “I just saw it turn around and around.”

“I don’t have to flip my phone,” another advised, telling others to focus on the shading. “I just look at the gray spots.”

“It’s because it’s the same on both sides,” another viewer agreed. “You don’t even have to flip your phone, just focus on the other side.”

Are you one of the rare few who can see this illusion right away – and if not, did the comments section help you figure it out?

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