Mystery as missing woman, 18, seen going into hotel alone in haunting video


A MISSING teenager whose body was found inside a water tank near a motel entered the building by herself, officials have revealed.

Debanhi Escobar, 18, was pictured by the roadside in a haunting photograph just before her disappearance in Escobedo, Mexico, earlier this month.


Debanhi Escobar, 18, vanished on a night out with friends earlier this monthCredit: Newsflash
Her body was found in a hotel water tank last week


Her body was found in a hotel water tank last weekCredit: Newsflash
She was seen in a haunting final photo shortly before she vanished


She was seen in a haunting final photo shortly before she vanishedCredit: Newsflash

The young woman was spotted entering the Nueva Castilla Motel in northern Mexico on the morning of April 9.

She disappeared after going to a party with two female friends on April 8.

A haunting photo of her was taken by a rideshare driver on the morning of April 9 just before she vanished on the so-called ‘Death Road’.

Her body was discovered on Thursday inside an out-of-use cistern after a motel worker reported smelling a foul odour.

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Investigators with the Nuevo Leon State of the Attorney General confirmed they were reviewing footage surrounding the mysterious appearance.

They shared the footage with Nuevo Leon’s governor Samuel Garcia and the teen’s parents during a meeting on Sunday.

Law student Debanhi’s body was found inside a water tank on the motel’s grounds last Thursday.

She died from a contusion to the skull, State Attorney General Gustavo Guerrero said on Friday.

It still isn’t known how she ended up inside the water tank.

So far, no arrests have been made in connection with her murder.

“The prosecutor Gustavo and his team showed us a series of evidence, especially some videos, in which we see that Debanhi entered the property alone and that she spent a few minutes in the property,” Mr Garcia said.

He did not specify in which area of the motel’s grounds she was seen before her death.

Debanhi’s devastated father, Mario Escobar, met with Garcia to hear the latest on the hunt for their daughter’s killer.

Debanhi entered the property alone and that she spent a few minutes in the property

Samuel GarciaGovernor, Nuevo Leon

“It is difficult for me, for my wife, but somehow we are calm that we were able to find her, bury her, we know where to put a flower, where to mourn her, but many people do not have that,” he said.

“We are not going to stop, we are going to help people, we are going to tell their story.”

According to reports, Debanhi had an argument with a girl at the bar, and one of them asked a taxi driver they knew, 47-year-old Juan David Cuellar, to drop her off at home.

During the ride, he reportedly stopped his vehicle near the motel after Debanhi allegedly told him she wanted to get out following a row.

Cuellar took a picture of the teen to prove she was no longer in the vehicle and sent it to her two friends.

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The rideshare driver was questioned about Debanhi’s disappearance but found to not have been involved.

Surveillance camera footage taken from a nearby trucking company shows Escobar walking past on the way to the motel.

Police outside the motel where Debanhi's body was found


Police outside the motel where Debanhi’s body was foundCredit: Reuters


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