My son was punished by his school for his SOCKS – but they’re lovely and smart


A SCHOOLBOY has been punished by teachers for wearing a pair of “lovely dress socks” – all because they were spotty.

Furious mum Lorna Fearn stood up for her son, Sacha, who was given a school sanction for his dresscode by Astrea Academy Sheffield.


Mum Lorna Fearn who says her son Sacha was discilined at school for his non standard socksCredit: Dean Atkins

Sacha, 11, has been wearing the stylish pair since he started year 7 in September, but was slapped with three minus points after a sock inspection on Wednesday last week.

The school policy enforces a uniform of black socks, but Sacha’s were black with red spots.

His mother Lorna insisted the socks were smart enough to wear with a suit and said the school should “cut the pupils some slack”.

But Sacha didn’t only get charged with this footwear penalty on Wednesday – he faced the same punishment again the next day.

He had arrived wearing a similar pair because they were the only clean change of socks he had after spending the night at his father’s.

A teacher even asked Sacha to wear an extra pair of black socks over his spotty ones, but the kids-sized spares were too tiny for his size 10 feet.

Lorna told The Star: “My son started year seven with some lovely dress socks that we thought were perfectly suitable – they’re the sort of things people wear with suits.

“They’re saying you can only wear black socks, but this was not really enforced until this week.

“He’s been wearing this pair since September. This week his form teacher carried out a sock check. Sacha’s had spots on so he was punished.

“I’ve managed to root through to find some plain black ones. But if I had not been able to, would I have been expected to go and buy some before school, or send him in without socks?

“I just think they need to cut the pupils some slack after all they’ve been through with the pandemic and lockdowns. It’s as though coronavirus didn’t happen.”

Astrea Academy Sheffield said in a statement to the paper: “Astrea Academy Sheffield is committed to the highest standards of teaching and learning. Our uniform policy has been regularly communicated to parents and carers and is also available to view online.

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“Our staff also communicate the policy to scholars daily, this includes the procedures if uniform standards are not met

“This week we have run a series of behaviour and expectations reset sessions, where through extended assemblies and specific time with form tutors, we have reminded scholars about their personal responsibilities around uniform.

“If parents have any concerns, we encourage them to raise these with us directly. We are committed to supporting families of our scholars where needed.”


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