My partner earns twice the amount I do but he won’t pay for anything


DEAR DEIDRE: I DIDN’T know my partner had such a high level of debt when I fell in love with him.

I own my own home, which my parents gave me the deposit for, and thought it strange when my partner started asking me to put his name on the deeds but not on the mortgage.


I end up begging him for money – I think he’s being mean and selfish

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Because he still had outstanding debts, I refused.

I’m 36 and he is 38. We’ve been together for eight years and have a son together.

I have supported him through his debt and when he lost his job. I’ve paid for all our holidays and for work needed to do up the house.

He refused to help because the house wasn’t in his name.

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He does make a contribution to the bills and childcare but he earns double the amount I do.

I end up begging him for money because I can’t make ends meet. I think he’s being mean and selfish.

DEIDRE SAYS: Given his track record, it is only natural you want to protect your home.

Of course he should be helping to provide, both for you and your son.

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Write down all the costs you incur. I bet he has no idea.

My support pack on Family Finances should help you work out what is fair.


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