My neighbour wouldn’t fix our shared fence – so I put new one up 1 FOOT away


A MAN has divided opinion after sharing how he dealt with his neighbour who wouldn’t fix their shared broken fence.

Tiktoker Jonny Steele said he decided to erect a new fence just one foot away from the old one seeing that they couldn’t agree on how to repair it.


He explained that he had a disagreement with his neighbor over the repair of the fenceCredit: TikTok/ jonny_steele
The Tiktoker put up a new fence just a foot away from the old one


The Tiktoker put up a new fence just a foot away from the old oneCredit: TikTok/ jonny_steele

The resident from Texas shared a clip on TikTok showing the new structure in his backyard

He wrote in the caption: “When your neighbor doesn’t want to replace the aging fence.

“I even offered to pay for half and to do the work.”

But the clip which has gathered millions of views has divided Tiktokers as some suggested his solution meant he lost a small part of his yard.

Someone commented: “I even offered to pay half”. LMFAO. It should be 50/50. Now you paid 100% and lost some space in your yard.””

Another one said: “Well you just shafted yourself because now they simply pull down the old one and they have another foot of land and free firewood!”

Another one said: “Just pay full price and replace it. You literally played yourself.”

Someone added: “I’m confused. You didn’t want to pay for the original fence but you pay for a second fence that is awkward and makes your yard smaller?”

One wrote: “So you give him more land also?”

Another one commented: “So you pay 100% for the fence and lose like a foot of land from your property? Genius.”

The Tiktoker later shared a series of follow-up clips to update the users on the situation.

One video was captioned “Not meant to be pretty, but does the job”. 

He explained that the structure was built on top of a retaining wall which went down several feet.

He said that it was “good neighbor etiquette to pay for half the replacement,” adding that the neighbor initially approached him about the fence.

While he agreed to pay the cost for the section in his backyard, he said his neibor was not happy which is why he eventually decided to put up a new fence.

“We were not going to pay for the portion of the fence beyond this gate up here, which kind of upset her,” he said.

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“We decided just to bite the bullet and build it two feet back from our property line. We did lose two feet of usable space.”

He added: “Now we can actually use this side of the house. And not have to worry about it falling down.”

The Tiktoker said he lost two feet from his property


The Tiktoker said he lost two feet from his propertyCredit: TikTok/ jonny_steele

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