My narcissistic dad has never liked me – he says I’m a ‘disappointment’


DEAR DEIDRE: DESPITE years of trying to please my father, he still doesn’t like me.

I’m a woman of 38 and Dad is 56. I’ve always felt I’m not good enough – and he said I was a disappointment.


At one point I worked for him but ended up in debt as he didn’t pay my wages

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At one point I worked for him but ended up in debt as he didn’t pay my wages.

He only seems to do things for me if I give him something in return.

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He said he’d pay me if I got him a credit card. I did, but I now have a bad credit score because he couldn’t repay the debt.

I’ve tried to get him to interact with my kids but he is dismissive of them, just like he has been with me.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your father is narcissistic, thinking only about himself.

You have tried your best. If you think about how long you spend worrying about the relationship with him, you will see he is draining your emotional reserves.

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Your children are your family. Keep contact with your dad to a minimum, to look after your mental health.

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