My granddaughter behaves like a child and does nothing to help in the house


DEAR DEIDRE: HAVING finished her degree and moved back home, my granddaughter is behaving like a child.

She tells my daughter – her mum – she should look after her because “that’s what mothers are supposed to do”.


My granddaughter does nothing to help in the house

Yet she criticises everything my daughter does, right down to how she parts her hair.

My granddaughter has a lovely boyfriend who thinks the world of her but she won’t move out.

She says renting is “dead money”.

She’s 22. My daughter is 45 and a single mum.

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My granddaughter does nothing to help in the house.

She has a part-time job but when she comes home she sits with her laptop waiting for her mum to cook her dinner.

I’m 70 and her grandad. But I don’t like her at the moment.

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DEIDRE SAYS: This is a situation you should stay out of.

It is down to your daughter to be firmer about setting boundaries, insisting her daughter be polite, respectful and does her fair share of chores.

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Her behaviour is something she won’t be happy with, either. She is probably feeling some underlying pain but can’t work out a better way to deal with it.

Your daughter can find understanding support through (0808 800 2222).


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