My ex-husband wouldn’t give me a penny and now my daughter hates being poor


DEAR DEIDRE: BEFORE we got divorced, my ex-husband hid all his assets so I got virtually nothing when we split.

I’m 49. Eventually I gave up fighting him for it and decided to live a simpler but happier life with my daughter.


The problem is, she is very resentful about now being “poor”

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The problem is, she is very resentful about now being “poor”.

She’s 16 and makes me feel I’m not good enough because I can’t take her on expensive holidays like we used to.

Her friends have bigger houses, better cars and nicer clothes. Those things aren’t important and I don’t care about them anymore.

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She has become a little princess. My ex, who is 52, doesn’t help by flashing his cash around.

How do I make my daughter see that money doesn’t make you happy?

DEIDRE SAYS: Divorce is tough on children and your daughter needs time to adjust, both practically and emotionally.

Keep showing her love and what really matters. The message will get through.

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Assuming your ex-husband is her dad, perhaps he could treat her occasionally. And he should be contributing financially to her care.

If he isn’t, then you need to contact the Child Maintenance Service (, 0800 171 2345).


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