My daughter’s needy best friend is ruining her life


DEAR DEIDRE: HER needy best friend is causing trouble in my daughter’s new relationship.

I think this friend is jealous and wants all my daughter’s attention for herself.


She can’t cope with her demands – she borrows money and comes round uninvited

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They are both 26 and have known each other since school. I’m 54.

My daughter is stressed with her job and her two young children from a previous relationship.

She can’t cope with her friend’s demands. She borrows money, comes round uninvited and rings her in the early hours for long chats.

My daughter’s boyfriend wants her to dump this friend and I fear the relationship won’t last if something doesn’t change.

I’m worried about her mental health too.

DEIDRE SAYS: It is hard to see a loved one struggling. Her friend does sound draining.

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Encourage your daughter to set boundaries and tell her she needs space. She must learn to do this for herself.

My pack Standing Up For Yourself can help. If you are worried for your daughter, contact (0808 800 2222).


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