My boyfriend took me out for my birthday but spent the evening on TikTok


DEAR DEIDRE: I ONLY see my boyfriend once every couple of weeks. I feel like I’m his part-time girlfriend.

We’ve been dating for six months. I’ve been introduced to his family and friends and we’ve been on a lovely mini-break together.


We went out for my birthday but he spent most of the night on TikTok and messaging his best mate

We live over two hours away from one another. I live alone in my flat and he lives with his parents. I am 32 and he is 29.

Surely we should be spending more time together so we can develop our relationship?

We rarely spend consecutive nights together.

It is almost as if I see him one weekend and the next weekend is ruled out.

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I have tried to talk to him about it and he did make more of an effort for a while but things have slipped back again.

We went out for my birthday but he spent most of the night on TikTok and messaging his best mate.

I have tried being laidback and I’ve tried being proactive, suggesting dates to meet, but nothing has had an impact.

It feels so one-sided.

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DEIDRE SAYS: That’s because it is.

Long-distance relationships can work if your relationship is strong enough but your boyfriend is not giving yours the attention it needs.

His approach is one of convenience – he fits you into his life when it suits him.

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You need to have the commitment conversation. If he’s not ready then it’s time to move on.

My support pack When Your Man Won’t Commit will help you.


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