My boyfriend cheated on me for 10 MONTHS – it’s what he told her that hurt most


A DECEIVED woman has revealed she was living with her boyfriend for more than 10 months before she found out the truth about him.

She claimed her man was seeing another woman that he pursued despite them just signing a new lease together.


A woman claimed her boyfriend tricked her for monthsCredit: TikTok/_hellokato_
She said she was in love with him but he broke her trust


She said she was in love with him but he broke her trustCredit: TikTok/_hellokato_

“Snapchat just reminded me today that three years ago I was at a wedding with my boyfriend,” the scorned woman, named Katie, who describes herself as a domestic violence and narcissism survivor, recalled at the top of a video she shared on social media.

“We had just signed a new lease to move into a bigger, better, way more expensive apartment together and I was just madly in love with him.

“Little did I know that the day before that wedding, three years ago today, he was working at the bar, approached a woman, [and] gave her his phone number.”

She went on to reveal that the first text the woman sent her then-boyfriend asked if he was single.

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He apparently replied that he was.

“And that woman ended up being the woman he had an affair with for 10 months of our relationship,” she stated, seemingly annoyed.

“I am a year and a half out of that situation now, so seeing those memories pop up does not bother me, does not trigger me.

“It reminds me that I made the right choice to leave that situation.”

Katie, who often speaks online about her experience dating a supposed narcissist, was met with sympathy from her viewers.

“Some of these men are so trifling,” one person wrote.

“Yes, you did make the right decision,” another applauded.

“Do they all cheat? Seriously. I’m losing all hope,” a third user added.

Many others also questioned how it took her so long to discover the affair.

In reply to one comment, Katie claimed she was with the unnamed man for more than a year after the affair started, as she did not learn about it for quite some time.

Unfortunately, Katie is far from the first person to share their unfortunate relationship history online.

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For instance, one woman claimed she delivered a baby without knowing the mother was her husband’s mistress.

Plus, a bartender revealed she once caught a man cheating on his wife, but subtly let the wife know.

Katie said she has moved on from the situation


Katie said she has moved on from the situationCredit: TikTok/_hellokato_

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