My boss has threatened to dock our wages by £20 for using the COFFEE MACHINE


FURIOUS staff at Arnold Clark have lashed out at bosses who are docking their wages for using a COFFEE MACHINE while at work.

One worker at the car sales giant has revealed the company has dozens of bizarre rules which result in their pay being cut.


Staff at Arnold Clark are docked wages for minor indiscretionsCredit: Alamy

Staff who are caught using the coffee machine in the showroom face a £20 fine from their wages, as it is meant to be for customers only.

Another strange rule means staff who leave the profile card for a car inside the motor are docked £25.

Those who fail to complete a to-do list set out by senior management also get the money taken from their payslips.

Smoking in the show room, GDPR breaches, making mistakes on a receipt or using the jet-wash for “personal use” also face the fine.

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“Parking offences,” which are understood to mean vehicles that are not straight inside their bays, as well as forgetting to mark a car with a “sold” sticker could mean fines of up to £25 also.

A former employee has branded the company as a “toxic environment” to work in, with “blatant favouritism” and “creepy male bosses”.

The Sun has seen a payslip supporting the claim that at least one ex-worker was paid just £1,000 per month in basic salary – although this figure is disputed by Arnold Clark.

One ex-worker claimed that a former colleague who worked at a store in East Lothian, Scotland, had left a car parked on site that wasn’t up to standard before a week of holiday.

The worker was charged daily for the discrepancy, facing a hefty fine on their return.

All of the “offences” are accompanied by a footnote stating the maximum deduction for the breaches is set by Scott Willis, Arnold Clark’s managing director.

Meanwhile staff who encounter grumpy customers face having their entire commission taken off them if they are rated below 70 on customer surveys. 

The former worker, who did not want to be named, estimated that within the seven-months they worked for Arnold Clark, they had £210 docked for various offences.

They told The Sun: “I followed the process quickly, I delivered a car, and then the customer gave me a zero score. 

“After investigation, it was determined the score was nothing to do with me – I did everything right and followed the process, but they still took the commission off me.”

They added that managers are “picking and choosing” which of the bizarre rules to implement, effectively “managing by fear” with “constant threats”.

Bosses reportedly hold the power to “house” a deal at any time, meaning that whoever is working on that sale can effectively have their commission swiped without explanation. 


A spokesman for Arnold Clark said: “Arnold Clark offers one of the best employee benefits packages in the automotive industry including generous discounts, training opportunities, and access to private healthcare. 

“The company has more than 10,000 employees in a diverse range of roles including product consultants, accountants, technicians, developers, valeters and marketing executives.

“Arnold Clark sales employees work on a 5-day week commission structure. They are supported throughout their journey with training, mentorship and opportunities to earn additional bonuses.

“The basic salary for a product consultant is £23k with a company car and £25k without a company car, coupled with an industry-leading commission structure which is heavily weighted to customer satisfaction.

“An Arnold Clark product consultant is given commission when their job is fully carried out and a sale is completed in the best interest of the customer and company.

“Examples of the tasks involved include making sure keys, log books and service books are prepared in order to complete deals.

“On the rare occasion that the product consultant’s check list is not fully followed, there will be a minor reduction in commission for an incomplete sale.

“This is all to make sure that the customer receives the best possible experience, and all protocols are followed.

“In most cases, our product consultants earn full commission, and our customers enjoy a successful purchase.

“As shown on our high score on Trustpilot, 93% of our customers rated their experience with Arnold Clark ‘Excellent’ or ‘Great’.

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“As a family business, we are built on strong values: integrity, tolerance, diversity, and stability.

Our People Team are there to listen to our employees, offer support and create a better working environment, as well as informing employees about the issues that matter to them.”


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