Mum reveals the simple way she keeps her toddlers entertained on long flights


A MUM has revealed the clever way she keeps her toddlers entertained during flights, using a simple Amazon purchase.

The parent showed how a portable document folder enabled her to stop her young kids getting bored while travelling.


The portable document folder has been repurposed by the mother to keep her kids entertainedCredit: Tiktok/@Thetravelhack

In a video on TikTok, the mother, who posts as thetravelhack, is seen flipping through the pages of the folder, all of which are packed with books, toys and activities.

Her child is also seen flicking through the folder and smiling, with so many options available to play with during the journey.

The mum explained how she uses the folder in the video’s caption.

She wrote: “If you want to keep a toddler entertained during a flight, get yourself a ‘layered portable document box’.

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“I bought this soft, pink one on Amazon and filled it with sticker books, colouring books, craft packs, little toys, pens, crayons, paper and books.

“Alba could get to everything without digging around in a backpack and nothing got lost or rolled away.

“It has 3 layers so you can flip between all the activities and keep it all organised.

“I think toddlers are the hardest age to fly with and I was panicking about extra delays during our recent flight with Alba (aged 2 and doesn’t sit still!)

The folder has pages and pockets that are perfect for storing books and toys


The folder has pages and pockets that are perfect for storing books and toysCredit: Tiktok/@Thetravelhack

“This layered folder was a winner and I’ll be using it for any situation where she might get bored in a small space!

“I also made one for Joseph (aged 5) using an old laptop case that has lots of sleeves and compartments and it also worked brilliantly.”

The hack was well received by others online by others, one of whom simply wrote: “Nice tip.”

Another said: “Genius! Gonna make these for the kids! Thank you!”

The folder is available on Amazon for less than £17 and is available in a range of different colours.

The mother wasn’t the only one to reveal how to entertain your kids using simple items available on Amazon

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Everyone knows a kid is happiest when they’re eating snacks, making the game an instant winner.

The rules are very simple – kids have to find two snacks the same beneath the flip lids.

When they find two alike, they get to eat them as a reward.

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The mum is able to take activities on board the plane to keep her kids entertained (stock image)


The mum is able to take activities on board the plane to keep her kids entertained (stock image)Credit: Getty


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