Monster Putin HUMILIATED himself in latest staged update – experts


AN EXPERT has claimed that a ‘revealing’ conversation between Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, and his defence minister has sent a clear message – but not the one he was hoping for.

Russian media broadcast a painfully staged conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu, his defence minister where the pair discussed and reflected on concerns about the conflict.

Putin told Shoigu: “We must always think, but even more so in this case – about preserving the life and health of our soldiers and officers”.

Adding to his ‘supposed’ concern about the welfare of his troops on the ground the President said: “Please submit proposals for awarding our distinguished soldiers for state awards.

“It is clear that in such cases it cannot be otherwise, these are different awards, but I want them all to know: in our understanding, they are all heroes, in the understanding of all of Russia.”

Speaking to The Telegraph, Leonid Volkov, chief of staff to the jailed Russian opposition activist Alexey Navalny, has said the broadcast is a “revealing moment”.

Volkov added that Putin’s public pronouncements are always only what they want to hear.

“When Putin says something in public, it is almost always the result of the fact that the presidential administration took measurements of public opinion and came to the conclusion that now it is necessary to speak in order to earn political points.”

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