Moment pilot asks passengers to decide where to land with a show of hands


THIS is the extraordinary moment a pilot asked passengers to decide which airport they wanted to land at with a show of hands.

The captain reportedly left it up to passengers to pick where they would disembark the easyJet aircraft after being held up by delays.


easyJet passengers were asked to vote where they would like to landCredit: Instagram
A hostess was seen doing a head count of travellers after the bizarre announcement


A hostess was seen doing a head count of travellers after the bizarre announcementCredit: Instagram

The plane had missed its arrival time at Gatwick Airport in London, leaving the pilots pondering over where they could land.

Instead of loitering on the runway for “over an hour”, the crew winged it and decided to allow holidaymakers the chance to choose their fate.

Shocking footage recorded by a passenger captured the easyJet pilot’s astonishing announcement instructing people to vote.

He can be heard saying: “We do not currently know what the Air Traffic Control restriction would be heading towards Gatwick, so we would assume that that would be over an hour.

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“So first, we would like to ask those of you who would like to leave the aircraft here at London Luton to please put your hands up.”

The question was quickly met by a massive show of hands, as exhausted Brits were desperate to disembark.

Many appeared to look to their travel companions to gain approval for their vote before shooting their hands in the air.

Some sneaky travellers even appeared to raise two hands in hopes of swaying the poll.

One man can be heard remarking: “This is a joke. He may as well play rock paper scissors!”

A stewardess is then seen walking down the aisle among the sea of hands, counting the number of people who wanted to land at Luton.

The impromptu in-flight announcement left passengers, many with children, baffled.

It is unclear where the easyJet flight had departed from and where it subsequently landed.

Current reports suggest passengers were allowed to dismount at both Luton and Gatwick Airport.

Mohammed Hussain, who claims to have been onboard, told The Sun the chaos only continued after they finally landed.

He said: “We couldn’t get off the plane for 2 hours as there was no bus to take us from the plane to the terminal due to shortage of staff.

“Then at 6am our luggage turned up. easyJet made us wait around at the airport trying to sort taxis.

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“And at half 8 in the morning, they got us a 3-hour taxi to home.

“We had kids and families were sitting around in the airport waiting for so long almost 200 passengers. Worst experience ever.”

The Sun have contacted easyJet for comment.

Social media users were stunned by the bizarre ballot, with one describing the flight fiasco as “airport roulette”.

One commented: “Someone should have defo made an executive decision lol, what foolishness is this.”

Another said: “Majority wins, so less complaints. Power to the people.”

A third added: “What the?!! My 1st thought was someone will be loosing/leaving luggage. How the heck is this even legit!

“So the remaining ten people will be delayed even longer?”

And a fourth chimed in: “Imagine if your care was parked at Gatwick, I’d be fuming.”

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EasyJet cancelled a string of flights this week as air traffic controllers walked out across France.

The budget airline has not yet confirmed how many journeys have been impacted.

The majority of exhausted travellers opted to disembark at Luton Airport


The majority of exhausted travellers opted to disembark at Luton AirportCredit: Instagram
Pilots from the budget airline let passengers decide their fate


Pilots from the budget airline let passengers decide their fateCredit: Alamy


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