Mom moans about ’emotional labor’ she gives to her ADOPTED kid & gets trolled


AN ADOPTIVE mom has been completely trolled online for claiming her parenting duties are “emotional labor.”

A woman who was adopted herself slammed the mom in a video posted online, claiming she actually “doesn’t want to be a parent.”


People criticized an adoptive mother for complaining about parentingCredit: TikTok
The mother vented about motherhood in a series of tweets, and they did not sit well


The mother vented about motherhood in a series of tweets, and they did not sit wellCredit: TikTok

Adoptive mother, research analyst, and Boston University adjunct professor Heron Greenesmith is at the center of the criticism due to a string of tweets she posted about how draining it is to be a parent.

“Holy s**t parenting an 18[-year-old] is terrifying and difficult,” she complained at the top of a string of six tweets.

She went on to accuse the unnamed kid of “using” her as a “therapist and a crisis counselor.”

She added: “He has no consistently supportive adult voices in his life except ours.

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“But I’m conscious of the femme labor paradigm it’s reinforcing that I’m the ‘parent’ confidant.”

In between the tweets about the 18-year-old, she wrote: “I also washed the 11[-year-old’s] hair tonight. (We’re doing the curly girl lifestyle!)


Greenesmith adopted her daughter in 2016 and is just letting the girl’s 18-year-old brother live with them so he’s not homeless.


Greenesmith’s string of tweets got torn apart on Twitter to the point of her receiving death threats, and TikToker and real-life adoptee Maggie Larkin absolutely slammed Greenesmith’s perspective.

“Parenting is emotional labor.

“That is most of what parenting is,” Karkin responded in the video she created in response to the tweets.

“The fact that this person is choosing to foster children who have been through immense amounts of trauma to be removed from their home and from their parents and doesn’t want to provide any not even emotional labor just washing their kid’s hair … you don’t want to be a parent if you don’t want to do that stuff,” she theorized.

“Part of being a parent is prioritizing your own emotional availability to support these people who you have created or voluntarily welcomed into your home.”

She concluded by begging parents to not push their supposed inability to emotionally support their children onto them, and if they cannot be present for their children, to pay for therapy for them “in perpetuity.”


Greenesmith was not oblivious to the hate she received after the vent session and quickly shared a statement on her Twitter page to clear things up.

She started her post by claiming the “frenzy” created by the tweets has “departed reality.”

Discussing why she feels stressed about the 18-year-old she took in, she said that transitioning into a parenting role for him has not been easy, as she previously saw herself as “the cool nonbinary aunt who took him to McDonald’s and bought him sneakers and was a listening ear.”

She continued: “What I was expressing in the tweet that has caused this pile-on was that parenting is tough!”

“I wish I knew a better way to suggest the 18-year-old access a therapist.”

Commenting on the brushing hair incident, Greenesmith added: “I wish I knew a way to convince my daughter that water in her eyes isn’t the end of the world.”

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She continued on to detail the topics she tries to openly discuss with the 18-year-old and said she wishes she had the proper training to fully support him and his needs, but for the time being, she will do her best.

Unfortunately, the statement did not win most naysayers over, but some did agree that parenting is no easy job.

The trolled mother did not apologize, but she attempted to clear things up


The trolled mother did not apologize, but she attempted to clear things upCredit: TikTok

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