Mind-blowing optical illusion HIDDEN in MLB logo – can you see it?


AN optical illusion has baseball fans taking a second look at the beloved Major League Baseball logo.

The Instagram account opticalillusionss posted a photo of the MLB logo with the words “Is the batter in the MLB logo batting right handed or left handed?”


This picture was posted on an optical illusion Instagram account with user debating which way the batter is facingCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk

“What do you see?” read the caption of the post.

The logo features the silhouette of a batter ready to hit a ball, however, depending on how you look at it the batter could be right or left-handed.

The post gained hundreds of comments with people explaining their answers.

“Batting left handed. Because of the grip on the bat,” wrote one user. Many agreed that the batter was left handed.

However, there were also number of commenters that argued otherwise.

“Right looking over his left shoulder,” wrote another person.

Despite all of the comments, it seems that nobody can agree on what the answer is.

Some decided to make jokes instead of giving a proper answer.

“It’s a bird beak looking at a dot,” wrote one person.

“He’s definitely handed, that’s for sure,” wrote another.

One person gave some historical context for the logo when trying to come up with an answer: “the silhouette is meant to be based on Harmon Killebrew, who was right handed. However, the designers made the decision to make the logo ambiguous, so it looks both left AND right handed. Technically both answers are correct,” they wrote.

However, despite rumors that Killebrew is the player depicted in the logo, creator Jerry Dior has stated that the logo wasn’t patterned after a specific player.

Which way do you think he's facing?


Which way do you think he’s facing?Credit: Not known, clear with picture desk

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