Live weekend weather forecast as Britain braces to be hotter than MADRID


Britain to be lashed with rain (1/2)

Brits can expect a breezy weekend as the Met Office forecasts murky conditions, but with temperatures expected to hover around 12-13C throughout.

Claire Nasir, a meteorologist with the Met Office said: “We do have a relentless easterly wind over the next few days delivering more cloud from time to time and some lower temperatures are going to feel cold in that breeze.

“Overnight tonight, you can see clouds rolling in the central parts of the Scotland, border regions, northumberland.

“Another batch of clouds through the early hours of Friday morning moves across East Anglia, the midlands, central southern England.

“Many areas will be dry but some murky conditions across the far north of Scotland.

“Lowest temperatures will be the Glens of Scotland . But certainly, a windy start to the day across most parts. Gusty over the hills.

“Through the morning on Friday, any cloud will tend to fade across Scotland and northern England whereas towards the south we will see a little bit of showery rain as the clouds move towards the more western areas.

“Brightest skies in mid wales, the midlands northwards, and that’s where we see the high temperatures, particularly towards the West in shelter and in cool along the East coast.”


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