Legoland has fab new rides & Lego creatures – it just gets better every year


MY kids love nothing more than the Legoland Windsor Resort.

We go nearly every year and it just gets better, so Jacob, seven, and Olive, five, were thrilled to see what is in store this summer.


The Sun’s Lynsey Hope with her kids Olive, five, and Jacob, sevenCredit: Hyde News & Pictures

Recently opened land Lego mythica has fab new rides and Lego creatures.

If you like the Ninjago temples or Knight’s King-dom dragon, this will blow your mind.

Centre stage is the Flight of the Sky Lion ride, which Olive and I tried.

At the entrance is model Sky Lion Maximus, built with 685,530 bricks and star of the UK’s first “flying theatre” ride — a 4D thrill a bit like a flight simulator.

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We belted up, side by side, and hurtled along a magical portal into a parallel universe.

Soaring above Mythica, you marvel at seas and volcanoes and dive into caves as flame-mouthed creatures appear.

Olive beamed in wonder as we passed unicorns. Wind, mist and aromas added to the fun.

Mythica also boasts an adventure play area — and Creature Creation where guests can build creatures.

Its Magical Forest opens from April 30, with Crystal Claw Crabs, Flower Horn Rhinos, Venus Fly Traps and Baby Lava Dragons as well as augmented-reality fun allowing you to bring creatures to life and play the Venus Fly Trap game.

Of course, there are also the old Legoland favourites.

My Jacob adores Miniland’s Lego replicas of everything from Big Ben to the Nasa Space Station — and new building The Brick has play tables piled with Lego.

We love the Coastguard HQ boat ride, Duplo Dino Coaster and Lego City Deep Sea Adventure sub-marine ride.

Olive said: “I had the most amazing day. I told all my friends about Maximus and how he took us into his world and saved us from the dragons.”

Jacob added: “My favourite is still Miniland, which inspires me to go home and build. I liked the Mythica creatures, too, and will build some.”

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