Kardashian trial LIVE – Kris urged show officials to ‘DITCH’ Chyna’s series


KRIS Jenner’s texts were presented to the jury where she told executives to “ditch” the show.

Kris and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner family allegedly voiced their worries about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s show due to the state of their relationship.

Jeff Olde, Vice President of Development and Programming at E!, was questioned on the stand by Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani.

An email was sent by Olde to E! bosses stating if the second season of Rob & Chyna didn’t go ahead it would be because the Kardashian family was so against it, not the network, also stating in court that the ratings for series one were “promising”

Olde later backtracked during cross-examination by Michael Rhodes, saying they just wanted Rob and Chyna to get therapy and the door was always open for a second season if they fully reconciled and worked on their relationship.

Chyna is suing the Kardashian family for allegedly being the reason the second season of her reality show, Rob & Chyna, was canceled. Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renée White, is asking for more than $100million in damages.

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  • Rob didn’t tell family about engagement

    Chyna’s attorney asked Kylie how she felt when Rob announced he was engaged Chyna, to which she said: “I remember being a little upset because we found out through the internet.”

  • Chyna allegedly threatened Kylie, continued

    Ciani asked if she called the police, but she said she didn’t as she took it as an “empty threat,” adding: “I assumed she was maybe high that’s honestly how I felt,” mentioning it was early in the morning and she’d been told by Rob she was drinking and taking drugs at the time.

  • Chyna allegedly threatened Kylie

    Kylie was asked to recall any time Chyna had physically threatened her, to which she replied: “I remember one night I woke up to some threatening texts from Chyna, she sent me a bunch of devil emojis and counting the days, to beat me? Or I don’t know what she meant.”

  • The situation was ‘bizzare’

    In one email to bosses, Olde wrote that the situation was “bizarre” but claimed: “The family is now all opposing to Rob & Chyna having their own show because they have strong reservations about Chyna and how healthy the relationship is for both of them.” 

    But the email added that all of the Kardashians and Jenners were open to having Chyna on their show, which she would be paid $370,000 for four episodes.

    Olde said he felt this was a healthy and responsible way to deal with the situation and hoped they could reconcile and repair their relationship.

  • Olde was trying to ‘save the show’

    Olde insisted following Rob and Chyna in therapy would have been “too depressing” for the viewer, but they were happy to revisit the series if things worked out down the line.

    Rhodes boomed in the courtroom that Olde tried to “SAVE the show, not kill it,” which he said was true.

    Kylie Jenner then took to the stand to be questioned under oath again by Chyna’s attorney Lynne Ciani. She did not look at Chyna throughout her testimony and took time to sip from a black water bottle as she smiled in the direction of her sister and mom.

  • Rhodes cross-examines Olde

    Olde said he felt Kylie, who was 18 or 19 at the time, was just being a concerned teenage sister and it didn’t really affect his business decisions.

    In Khloe’s email, she allegedly wrote: “The sisters are clearly concerned and uncomfortable for our brother’s safety and the credibility of the brand at this point which they are tarnishing,” meaning both Rob and Chyna.

    Olde also insisted it wasn’t unusual to have meetings at Kris Jenner’s house to discuss KUWTK and that the whole idea from the team as of January 2017 was to pay Chyna to be in the family series and axe Rob & Chyna until further notice.

  • Olde backtracks

    Olde later backtracked during cross-examination by Michael Rhodes, saying they just wanted Rob and Chyna to get therapy and the door was always open for a second season if they fully reconciled and worked on their relationship.

    Rhodes read out more snippets from Kylie and Khloe’s emails, including Kylie saying: “The whole reason Chyna wants to be with my brother is because of this show,” adding she was “too fake and destructive” and that she didn’t really love Rob.

  • E! VP gets grilled by Chyna’s lawyer

    Jeff Olde, Vice President of Development and Programming at E!, was questioned on the stand by Ciani, and an email was read out which he sent to E! bosses stating: “That said not sure how we do this show if the family is truly against it once we get into the New Year. Possible it all just gets folded into the mothership in terms of storylines.”

    He also said in the emails that if the second season of Rob & Chyna didn’t go ahead it would be because the Kardashian family was so against it, not the network, also stating in court that the ratings for series one were “promising”

  • E! execs continue to test the waters

    Olde said most of the producers met to discuss KUWTK at Kris Jenner’s “around the dining room table” on a number of occasions, insisting again that the topic of Rob & Chyna was only mentioned at the end, despite it being the title of the email about said meeting.

    Olde insisted he believed the pair were broken up at the time of the meeting on January 4, saying: “There was no more Rob and Chyna at that point,” adding that he was going from media reports about the couple and believed they were no longer speaking.

  • E! execs ‘gauge the temperature’ of the situation

    In an email to his bosses, Olde stated the concerns of both sisters but insisted: “The first thing Chyna will do if we don’t move forward is sell her own show elsewhere where we (and the K family) will have zero control over the content,” he added: “Imagine that for a moment.”

    He said the meeting at Kris’s house was also to gauge the temperature of the situation after the holidays, insisting the door was still open if Rob & Chyna decided to reconcile.

  • Kardashians and E! execs met without Rob and Chyna

    The jury was shown an email entitled “Rob & Chyna Meeting” between execs.

    Olde confirmed a meeting was held at Kris Jenner’s house, but insisted it was mostly focused on Keeping up with the Kardashians, and they tagged on a conversation at the end about Rob & Chyna’s possible second season.

    He admitted neither Rob nor Chyna was present for the meeting.

  • ‘Life of Kylie” causes chaos

    Ciani, Chyna’s lawyer, then quizzed if a “sizzle reel” for Life Of Kylie, a brief spin-off of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, was presented to E! before it aired in 2017.

    Olde said he could not confirm when the sizzle reel, a teaser of a show, was presented to them.

    During this exchange, Kylie was seen leaning back and whispering to the family’s attorneys.

  • Kylie and Khloe’s emails, part five

    Khloe’s email said they were uncomfortable going forward with a second season because they were concerned for Rob’s safety and “credibility of the brand” which was being “tarnished”.

  • Kylie and Khloe’s emails, part four

    A further email was sent by Khloe asking for the show to be canceled, and Olde said both emails were an “emotional reaction” to what had happened with Rob and Chyna, and they were acting as concerned sisters.

  • Kylie and Khloe’s emails, part three

    The email also stated that Kylie felt “very strongly” about the network canceling season 2 of Rob & Chyna after the scenes the family witnessed after their blowout argument, in which Chyna allegedly pulled a gun on Rob and tried to strangle him with a phone cord.

    Asked how he felt about the email and what direction he took, OIde quipped: “I don’t usually take direction from a 17-year-old, to be honest.”

  • Kylie and Khloe’s emails, continued

    Ciani said this was a “very serious accusation” and stated the email had cc’d Khloe and was sent to other executives at the E! Network.

    The email also said they were still in favor of filming for E! and Kylie said the family would make up for the cancelation of Rob & Chyna by providing them with new content.

  • Kylie and Khloe sent ‘damning emails’

    Damning emails were later shown in court showing Kylie and Khloe had reached out to Olde demanding the Rob & Chyna show be canceled for a second season.

    An email from Kylie dated late December 2016, after Rob and Chyna’s alleged bust-up, she stated: “The show is giving this toxic woman money and exposure she lives and breathes,” saying she will only continue to emotionally and physically abuse her brother.

  • VP of E! takes the stand, continued

    Olde insisted the show was meant to be a “light-hearted, romantic comedy” but Ciani asked him to recall specific episodes, which he could not, including episode one entitled “Are You Still Texting B*****”.”

    He said not all moments were light-hearted, but he could not recall any specific episodes.

  • VP of programming at E! takes the stand

    Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of development and programming at E!, took to the stand for questioning in the latter part of the afternoon.

    He confirmed he was the first person to suggest green lighting for a series about Rob and Chyna, but would send the recommendation to two colleagues before a season was fully confirmed.

    He claimed to Ciani, Chyna’s lawyer, that there was never a storyboard meeting for the show as it was his impression there was no more Rob and Chyna as they had split.

  • What is the lawsuit about, part three

    Chyna is suing the family for $100million, claiming that they ruined her reality TV career.

    Chyna is seeking more than $40m for loss of earning damages and more than $60m in loss of future earning capacity damages, according to court filings in the case against the Kardashians.

    The family responded to the claims with their own lawsuit, alleging that Chyna had attacked Rob.

  • What is the lawsuit about, continued

    Chyna was previously engaged to Rob Kardashian and they have a daughter together, Dream.

    The pair starred in their own E! reality show together, Rob & Chyna, which aired for one season in 2016.

    The second season was being shot when the two broke up, but it was scrapped and never aired.

  • What is the lawsuit about?

    Blac Chyna is claiming in the court case that the Kardashians are the reason why the second series of her reality show was canceled.

    The court case will determine if there is rightful cause for Chyna to receive a pay-out for the missed opportunity of a season two of her reality show.

  • Where is Rob Kardashian now?

    Rob Kardashian is famously known for appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians as well as its spin-offs alongside his sisters.

    He also starred in his own show called Rob & Chyna in 2016 which focused on his life with his ex, Blac Chyna.

    Although he tends to avoid publicity, he has been gradually making more public appearances alongside his siblings, however, fans began to worry about his health in March 2022 after his sister Khloe Kardashian liked a cryptic tweet about him.

    Along with staying out of the spotlight, Rob also appears to stay off social media as his official Instagram account is run by Jenner Communications, according to the bio.

  • Will Rob be in the Kardashian Hulu show?

    After it was announced that KUWTK had been canceled on E! after 20 seasons, Hulu revealed that it will be picking the show up right where it left off.

    Despite being a part of the Kardashian familyRob will reportedly not be seen on the show as much as his famous sisters, Variety reports.

    While he might not be a main cast member, cameos have not been ruled out.

    The media outlet also reports that Caitlyn Jenner, who transitioned in 2015, will not be a part of the show.

  • Rob says why he dropped the suit

    Rob explained his decision to Page Six, saying: “My love for Dream far outweighs my desire to proceed with my claims against her mother in a public trial.

    “Now that the court has ruled that there is sufficient evidence to warrant a jury trial on my claim for assault, for our daughter’s sake, I am dismissing the action and focusing on my co-parenting relationship with Chyna.”


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