Jade meaning: What are the properties of the crystal?


JADE crystals are prized by cultures around the world and have been for many centuries.

Jade symbolizes serenity and purity, as it increases love and nurturing.


Jade crystals and their varying colorsCredit: Getty Images

What are the properties of Jade?

Jade is composed of two different mineral aggregates — or sometimes both — Jadeite and Nephrite.

Jadeite and Nephrite are formed within metamorphic rocks that have undergone metamorphism, physical and chemical changes of solid rocks.

The crystals that derive from Jade are fine-grained and extremely intergrown, almost like felt.

Due to the intergrown nature of Jade’s crystals, it is one of the toughest gemstones and doesn’t scratch easily.

Jade is often associated with the color green; however, it can also be white, blue, and lavender, among other colors.

What are the origins of Jade?

Since the Stone Age, Jade has been mined in China.

Originally, the stone was used for simple ornaments, weapons, tools, and beads. However, over time the value of Jade increased.

At around 3,000 BC, Jade became known as the royal gem or Yu.

Han Dynasty Chinese calligrapher Xu Shen described the five virtues of Jade in his work Shuowen Jiezi:

  • Benevolence is defined by the crystal’s luster and brilliance.
  • Honesty gets its meaning from its translucent texture.
  • Wisdom represents the crystal’s tranquil and far-reaching tone.
  • Finally, Integrity and Bravery, represent that although it may break, it cannot be twisted.
Jade is meant to promote confidence, acceptance, and health


Jade is meant to promote confidence, acceptance, and healthCredit: Getty Images

What is the value of Jade?

Jade is valued differently than other gemstones.

Jade is not fungible like gold and it’s not single polished and cut like diamonds.

Since every piece of Jade embodies different characteristics, the value of Jade varies greatly.

The most expensive kind of Jade can sell for over $3,000 a carat, according to Jewels Advisor.

The color of a Jade gemstone largely impacts its value.

The more green a Jade gemstone is, the higher value it normally has.

According to the ancient Chinese proverb, “Gold has a value, Jade is invaluable.”

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