I’ve fallen for another cross-dresser – does this mean I’m gay?


DEAR DEIDRE: I ALWAYS hoped I would find a woman to accept me and my desire to cross-dress.

But now I’m having feelings for another cross-dresser.


Do my feelings for him mean I’m gay?

I’m 45 and have been single for nine years.

My ex and I split when she learned I liked to wear women’s clothes at home. She called it “disturbing”.

But over the past year, my confidence to dress as a woman in public has grown, thanks to really supportive colleagues.

They also encouraged me to start dating again.

Recently, I got talking to a lovely guy on a cross-dressing forum.

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We’ve met a few times and get on really well. I’d like to see him more, but I’m confused.

Do my feelings for him mean I’m gay?

DEIDRE SAYS: Our sexuality isn’t black and white, and people often say who they are attracted to changes over time.

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You’ve met someone you have a good connection with so focus on exploring that rather than worrying about what it means.

My support pack Bisexual Questions shows where to get advice if you want to talk with an expert.


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