iPhone warning: Millions of users urged to change settings to stop ‘spam attack’


EMAIL spamming attacks have been on the rise for some time, however, now there is a way that iPhone users can prevent them.

When a user gives a website their email address, they are oftentimes unknowingly agreeing to spammy newsletters. 


Apple’s Hide my email can help you avoid being spammed

Furthermore, a user’s email is also typically put up for sale to third-party buyers, or advertisers who want to track your activity. 

Thankfully, Apple is aware of this and has loaded its iPhones with plenty of privacy features.

One such tool is the ‘Hide my email’ feature, which helps to keep your inbox clean of junk emails.

Please note that to access all of the tool’s features, it will cost you $0.99 a month via an iCloud Plus subscription.

How does ‘Hide my email’ work?

This feature was launched in September of 2021 as part of Apple’s iOS 15 release.

With Hide My Email, users can generate a unique, anonymous email address to use when signing up for services or apps.

The emails are then sent to that email account instead of users’ personal accounts – users also have the option of forwarding that inbox to their real email.

If users upgrade to an iCloud Plus subscription, they also have the capability to generate as many unique email addresses as they want.

This helps to further protect your real email address from spammers, hackers, and phishing attacks

How to set up ‘Hide my email’

First, head to Settings and click on your name at the top.

Next, tap on iCloud and then Hide My Email

Once there, click on Create New Address – Apple will then generate an anonymous address ending in “@icloud.com”

If you are content with the address it creates, tap Continue, otherwise click on Use Different Address to see a new one.

After that has been done, you can add a label to the email address to help you remember what it’s for.

Finally, tap on Next and you should be ready to go.

You can also manage all of the random addresses by tapping on them and then clicking on Deactivate.

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Another helpful feature users have the option to access via iCloud Plus includes Private Relay.

This feature works like a VPN, encrypting digital footprints as users roam the web.

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