Inside Teen Mom Ashley & Bar’s new PURPLE home featuring big kitchen


GO INSIDE Teen Mom Ashley Jones and Bar Smith’s new purple California home as it features a big kitchen and spacious living room.

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Ashley revealed the landlord sold their old home, so she and Bar were forced to relocate.


Teen Mom Ashley Jones and her husband Bar Smith moved to a new purple homeCredit: MTV
The home with the unique, colorful exterior includes Ashley's master bedroom and two living rooms


The home with the unique, colorful exterior includes Ashley’s master bedroom and two living roomsCredit: MTV

Ashley, 25, took fans inside of her new Modesto, California home.

The episode featured her and baby daddy Bar Smith, 24, touring the home with a real estate agent.

Ashley and Bar fell in love with the space and she signed the lease to move in instantly.

Movers unloaded Ashley’s belongings into the unique purple exterior home.

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The front of new Ashley’s home is wood-paneled and covered in bright purple paint.

Her front door is a dark purple and the window frames are painted white.

A wood picket fence surrounds the house with giant country-style medal stars attached to it.

Her giant kitchen includes a fridge, stovetop, kitchen island, as well as a spacious spice drawer.


As Ashley began to settle in, her mom Tea paid her a visit and the Teen Mom gave cameras an exclusive inside look.

Ashley welcomed Tea inside the spacious living room where Holly ran up to hug her grandmother.

Boxes were strewn everywhere across the carpet floor as Ashley was still settling in.

Tea commented: “Nice place! Show me around!”

Ashley responded: “There’s not much to show. If you can see it, you can see yourself around.”

The salon owner walked her mom to the empty guest room and said: “This is where you’ll sleep. There’s nothing in there, so you’ll have to provide your own furniture.”

Ashley brought her mother to the master bedroom which was decorated chicly in black and white.

She announced: “This is my room.”

Her mom responded: “It’s going to look very Air BnB-ish.”

Ashley laughed: “Yes, honey, but you can’t stay! Let’s go see my new couch.”

She then walked upstairs to a second living room to catch up with her mom.

They talked about how Ashley’s husband Bar is adjusting to his new job after prison, her salon, and getting vaccinated, even though her mother is strongly anti-vax.


One of the topics Ashley confided to her mom was that she has encountered complications with her three-year-old daughter Holly.

Holly has to change school districts and Ashley is nervous about how that might affect her daughter’s day-to-day schedule.

As Ashley was helping unpack Holly’s room, they sat down for a heart-to-heart.

Holly’s room was covered with pink flowers and included a white full-sized bed frame and a groovy pink lamp.

Ashley checked in with Holly about how she felt about moving homes and how that meant she’d have to go to a different school.

Holly sweetly reacted with enthusiasm to the change and helped her mom put her new pink flowers on the wall.

Ashley commented in a confessional: “I am always surprised by Holly, honestly. She’s truly been understanding about the school situation.”


Meanwhile, Ashley has been struggling with other drama around MTV producers for the set of Teen Mom 2.

Ashley stormed off the show after shouting at a producer amid questions about her marriage to Bar.

The pair briefly split, contemplating ending their relationship, after secretly tying the knot.

In a March episode of Teen Mom 2, Ashley went to a paint and sip with her mom, Tea, and sister Chris.

Before she arrived at the mother-daughter outing, her mom and sister chatted about her marriage to Bar, which was hanging in the balance.

Chris questioned: “Ashley and Bar – what was they like? They was cool or was they not?”

Her mom replied: “Last I know she said, you know, that they was taking a break.”

Not long after Ashley arrived on the scene, she faced questions about her marriage – first from Chris, then from Tea and, lastly, from her producer.

The reality star’s sister asked: “How you feeling with the whole Bar thing? Do you know anything? I’m not trying to pressure, I’m just trying to see where you at with it.”

She calmly replied: “It takes time to figure things out. I don’t have everything figured out right now. I have a lot on my plate and it’s a lot involved. … It’s also something that I semi would like to handle privately.”

After producer Brandon asked “Can you elaborate on the situation at all?” she grew angry, yelling: “Where I’m at is I don’t know and I don’t want to keep saying that. I’m getting frustrated. You don’t understand that people are married in real life?

“Trying to work it out in real life? I say give me time, give me the f**king time. … when I decipher what I am going to I will let everybody around me know, so just give me that.”

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She then stormed off, saying: “You know what, I think I’m done.”

Tea and Chris followed her out, gathering with Brandon to try and reach the enraged star.

Ashley has a spacious kitchen on the first floor of the two-story home


Ashley has a spacious kitchen on the first floor of the two-story homeCredit: MTV
Her daughter Holly's room is pink and girly as Ashley tries to make her comfortable in the new space


Her daughter Holly’s room is pink and girly as Ashley tries to make her comfortable in the new spaceCredit: MTV
Ashley confessed she's struggling with finding a new school for Holly after the move


Ashley confessed she’s struggling with finding a new school for Holly after the moveCredit: Instagram

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