Inside Orsolya Gaal’s ‘killer’s’ Facebook where pals called him a rock star


THE suspect arrested in the Orsolya Gaal murder case was active on Facebook before the killing, and even commented on the mother-of-two’s posts.

David Bonola, 44, posted many selfies on his Facebook account over the years showing off his curly hair, often posed looking away from the camera.

Pictures of the dad-of-two, originally from Mexico, garnered reactions from online friends praising his hair or comparing him to a rockstar, with one commenter even saying that Bonola looked like rocker Bon Jovi.

Bonola publicly gushed over Gaal on social media years before she was found dead by a dog walker.

He commented on a photo of her in Guatemala in 2019.

He wrote: “Love these streets and architecture! [sic] That landscape and the Giant Volcano. , and you [heart emoji].”

Similar fawning messages are visible on posts from May 2020.

Under a childhood photo of Gaal, Bonola wrote “Hola” with a heart emoji.

In another post, he wrote, “[music note emoji] Tu mirada enamorada”, which translates roughly to “your look in love.”

Bonola is accused of slashing Gaal’s throat and then stabbing her nearly 60 times during a brutal attack in the basement of her Queens, New York, home last Saturday, before he dumped her body on the side of a nearby road.

On Thursday, Bonola was arrested and charged with murder, criminal tampering, and criminal possession of a weapon, NYPD told The Sun.

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  • Van Nostrand’s story, final part

    While he waited for the police to arrive, Nostrand snapped a few pictures of the bag.

    “That’s when it all really hit me emotionally,” he said. “I could feel this unsettling feeling rising up through my throat and I felt quite choked up.

    “By this point, my dogs were going crazy,” he added. “I honestly thought the body was of a teenage girl because it seemed so small.

    “But I was on the phone to the operator who kept asking me in a number of different ways whether the person was still alive. I kept telling her no, can you just bring someone down here.”

  • Van Nostrand’s story, part three

    “I decided to open the bag,” Nostrand said. “I’m right-handed so I used my right hand to pull the zipper down and I just saw this pair of bare feet, pale bare feet, and I just thought ‘oh my gosh.'”

    Nostrand unzipped the bag a little further. He saw black ankle-length skinny jeans, a belt, and the top of a woman’s waist.

    The body, he said, was in the fetal position and had been placed in the bag head-first.

    He poked the body with two fingers and, after realizing it was cold to the touch, immediately stepped back and dialed 911. Dispatchers received the call at 8.02am.

  • Van Nostrand’s story, continued

    Nostrand continued to walk toward the sports bag. The Queens native said his dogs became more animated and heightened as he approached, almost pulling him towards it.

    But Nostrand, who suffers from poor vision in his left eye, said it wasn’t until he was standing over the bag that he noticed something truly troubling: a pool of blood leaking from the bottom.

    He decided to nudge the bag with the side of his leg and he felt something heavy.

    “And I mean really heavy,” he said. “It was really heavy from all the blood. I was like, ‘oh boy.'”

  • Neighbor’s account

    Glenn Van Nostrand, 51, was out walking his two Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the area early last Saturday when he spotted the body bag resting on a sidewalk near the Jackie Robinson Parkway.

    Nostrand told The US Sun that it isn’t uncommon to see trash and other items discarded along the busy roadside, but something about the bag grabbed his attention – and piqued his curiosity.

    “I was walking and about 100 yards ahead of me, I could see this large bag that was half on the sidewalk, half on a patch of grass and dirt that was next to a chain-link fence,” he said.

    “And there was something about it that didn’t sit right with me… I was really noticing there’s something not normal that I’m seeing here.”

  • Chilling pictures

    The blood-soaked hockey bag allegedly used by Orsolya Gaal’s handyman lover David Bonola to dump her butchered body at the side of the road has been revealed in chilling photos obtained by The US Sun.

    The neighbor who found her body, 51-year-old Glenn Van Nostrand took pictures of the bloody bag while he waited for police to arrive to the scene.

    Glenn Van Nostrand took pictures of the bloody bag while waiting for policeCredit: Glenn Van Nostrand
  • Alleged relatives of Bonola clean out home, continued

    The group, then, got their bags into a waiting cab and left, per the Post.

    When asked about Bonola, a lady who lives in the same area but in a separate home claimed she didn’t know who the people were and didn’t “want to say anything.”

  • Alleged relatives of Bonola clean out home

    Video shows possible relatives of Queens slaying suspect David Bonola carting his possessions and bags out of his Richmond Hill house on Friday morning, according to the New York Post.

    Around 9.30am, four persons, including a woman and two males, were spotted leaving Bonola’s Queens house with three bags, two backpacks, a flower arrangement, and a trash bag loaded with items.

    When asked if they were linked to Bonola, one of the men said, “No,” and declined to comment any further, per the New York Post.

  • Bonola gushed on Facebook

    Posts to Gaal’s Facebook page show Bonola interacting with the married mom, publicly gushing over his “love” for her.

    In one comment beneath a photo from May 2020, Bonola told Gaal she had the “look of love” and in another called her the most beautiful woman in the world in Spanish.

    Gaal was briefly reported missing by her husband just days later on May 29, 2020.

    The circumstance surrounding the disappearance remain unclear, though Gaal returned home shortly afterward and the investigation was closed.

    In another post from April 2019, Bonola wrote: “Love these streets and architecture! [sic] That landscape and the Giant Volcano. , and you [heart emoji].”

  • Gaal in contact with several men

    Sources told ABC New York affiliate WABC that Orsolya Gaal was in contact with at least three men the night she was killed.

    One of them was David Bonola.

  • How did Bonola know Gaal?

    David Bonola, the suspect in Orsolya Gaal’s murder, knew Gaal from doing work on her house, ABC-7 reported.

    He knew where to find the key to the house, which allegedly allowed him to stab her to death while her 13-year-old son was upstairs.

  • Where is Orsolya Gaal from?

    Orsolya Gaal lived in Forest Hills in Queens, New York at the time of her death.

    The married mother-of-two originally hailed from Hungary.

  • Did Gaal know her killer?

    Detectives haven’t found signs of a break-in at Orsolya Gaal’s house, the New York Post reported.

    They think the suspect knew his victim and stabbed her out of anger, a source told the outlet.

  • Inside Orsolya Gaal’s Facebook page

    Orsolya Gaal’s Facebook profile shows numerous photos of her with a dog, and some with New York City in the background.

    On New Year’s Eve, Gaal posted a photo of her family with the caption: “Happy new year to all of you dear friends and family!
    Hoping 2022 will be a great one!”

  • Family history of missing reports

    Gaal had been reported missing once before in May 2020 but was later found.

    The couple’s older son went missing in 2004, however, he was also found.

  • Husband Howard Klein’s background

    The Twitter account of Howard Klein, Orsolya Gaal’s husband, suggests he is a lithium trader and founder of RK Equity.

    His LinkedIn shows he attended the University of Michigan, which is allegedly where he was with the 17-year-old son at the time of the incident that left his wife dead.

    He did not immediately return a request for comment.

  • Orsolya and Howard’s kids, continued

    During the questioning, their son, Leo, reportedly told police that Gaal was headed to a show Friday night.

    But PIX11 reports that she actually met up with another man who has not been identified at this time.

  • How many kids do Orsolya and Howard have?

    It is unclear how long Gaal and Klein were married, but they share two sons.

    The couple’s youngest son, Leo, who is 13, was reportedly home the night his mother was killed and was taken away in handcuffs shortly after the body was found, according to the New York Post.

  • Who is Orsolya Gaal’s husband Howard Klein?

    Howard Klein is known as the husband of 51-year-old Orsolya Gaal, whose body was found on April 16, 2022.

    Despite being in the public eye, not much information is available on Klein as he tends to keep his personal life out of the media.

    At the time of his wife’s murder, he was reportedly in Portland with their 17-year-old son on a college visit.

  • Killer sent husband a terrifying message

    Police believe a man killed Gaal in the basement of her home, put her in a duffel bag, and dumped her body half a mile away.

    The alleged killer then reportedly texted her husband, Howard Klein, threatening him: “Your whole family is next,” according to police.

    Klein was out of town when Gaal was killed.

  • Where was Gaal killed?

    Police believe the man Orsolya Gaal met up with killed Gaal in the basement of her home, put her in a duffel bag, and dumped her body half a mile away.

    Chilling surveillance footage has surfaced showing the mysterious assailant dragging a bag along a street.

  • What happened to Gaal?

    Coroners revealed that Orsolya Gaal had been stabbed more than 60 times — days after her body was found stuffed in a duffel bag and dumped near her home in Queens, New York.

  • Bonola living in the country illegally

    According to the New York Post, the handyman suspected of murdering Queens mom Orsolya Gaal was in the country illegally.

    The NYPD says that David Bonola and law-enforcement authorities confirmed Friday that he was residing in New York in violation of immigration law when he was arrested for Gaal’s heinous murder on Wednesday.

    It’s unclear whether Bonola entered the nation lawfully or ever had any form of legal status in the US.

    However, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said that a detainer had been made with Queens Central Booking, where Bonola is presently being held, the Post confirms.

  • Free representation for Bonola

    The Queens Defenders is reportedly providing free representation to Bonola in court, according to the New York Post.

  • Federal authorities now involved in case

    The case of a Queens mother whose bones were discovered tucked inside a hockey bag last weekend has now been taken over by federal officials, according to CBS News.

    David Bonola, a handyman, is suspected of having an affair with the victim, a wife and mother of two children.

    Police had their eyes on Bonola even before he reportedly confessed on Thursday, due to a digital trail tying him to the victim.

  • Gaal’s son ‘dragged’ through police station

    Detailing that he had found a blood-soaked hockey bag while walking his dogs to The US Sun, Glenn Van Nostrand said that Orsolya Gaal’s son was “dragged” through the NYPD’s 110th precinct.

    “His head was kind of down, like pitched a little forward, and I mean he was brought right past me,” he said.

    “It was, like, 1-2-3 and he was gone, brought around the corner of the station and taken into a room that I couldn’t see into.”


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