I’m trolled for cleaning SEVEN hours a day – but it’s my favourite hobby


A MUM-OF-THREE explained she cleans for seven hours each day and, despite others saying it must be boring, enjoys it so much it’s her favourite hobby.

Amanda Klarke*, 44, is a stay-at-home mum and part-time photographer, living in Greater London.


Amanda keeps her home in perfect order with her incredible organisational skillsCredit: Amanda Klarke
The mum spends no less than seven hours a day cleaning


The mum spends no less than seven hours a day cleaningCredit: Amanda Klarke
Her kitchen cupboards are everyone's dream with perfectly labelled trays and containers


Her kitchen cupboards are everyone’s dream with perfectly labelled trays and containersCredit: Amanda Klarke

The cleaning enthusiast lives with her husband and three children, aged 17, 14, and 11, and their dog, [named] Five.

She spoke to Fabulous about her favourite hobby and the judgement she gets from others…

While most mums would dread the prospect of clearing up after a chaotic birthday party for 40 kids, as I glanced around at the discarded party poppers and cake smeared on the floor, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of excitement. 

My daughter and her friends had an amazing time at her Frozen-themed bash and we’d created incredible family memories – and now, with the party over it was my time to shine.

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Wheeling out my cleaning caddy, I began the military style clean-up operation and hours later and a lot of elbow grease, the house was once again spotless.

Not only did I feel an immense feeling of satisfaction, but I’d enjoyed absolutely every second. 

I’ve always loved cleaning – it’s like a hobby. I know it sounds mad to some people, but I clean up to seven hours a day because it genuinely makes me feel happy.  

Growing up as the middle child with two brothers, my mum was very houseproud and would always ensure our home was tidy and clean, however, she would always say ‘oh excuse the mess!’ whenever we had visitors. 

There was always washing on the go, and even now the smell of fresh laundry reminds me of my happy childhood. 

I wasn’t asked to do it, but I was so proud of my floral-wallpapered bedroom and I kept it immaculate, spending hours at the weekend cleaning and tidying. 

From the age of eight I’d hoover weekly and then get on my hands and knees and drag a hairbrush across the carpet to make sure I didn’t miss any lint or fluff, and I’d use Pledge polish and a yellow duster to keep all my trinkets dust-free. 

As I got older I longed for my own home to look after, and I was 22 and working as a legal secretary when my husband and I bought our first home – a three-bed terrace in Bromley. 

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Without kids, it was relatively easy to keep the house spick and span – my favourite day was a Saturday because after a full week of work, I’d put George Michael on and clean to unwind. 

When the kids were little it became more tricky.

I just did little and often, and would wait until they were in bed and could get a lot done.

When they got older and more self-sufficient I started to become even more organised – spending seven hours every day cleaning. 

Then I discovered Mrs Hinch in 2018. Seeing her Instagram account, I was mesmerised.

I met her at a book signing and we chat over social media from time to time.

She made me realise I wasn’t the only one who took so much joy from cleaning, and I found the confidence to set up my own Instagram account, which now has over 20k followers. 

Now, I’ve perfected my routine and have a robot hoover, so I spend on average up to five hours a day cleaning our five-bed home. 

Every day I get up at half six and put the dishwasher and washing machine on, put the robot hoover on and also manually hoover the whole house from top to bottom. 

Then, I’ll set a timer so I focus and do what I call my daily ‘top tidy’ which is a quick 15 minutes in each of the 10 rooms in the house, which takes just under two and a half hours, just to make sure it always looks clean and tidy.

Then, I’ll make notes and write a list of bigger jobs I need to go back to.

Amanda’s top cleaning tips

Amanda shares the home cleaning hacks she swears by…

  • Keep a little paintbrush and a small passata jar filled with the same colour paint you decorated your walls with your cleaning products, and once a month touch up any scuffs on your walls to keep them looking fresh.  
  • Use fabric conditioner and water to wipe down woodwork – not only does it clean really well, but it smells amazing. I just use Lenor Spring Awakening. 
  • Tuck tumble dryer sheets down the sides of the sofa, or in your suitcase if you’re going away – they smell nice and clean and fresh. 
  • If your furniture leaves an indent in your carpet when you move it, leave an ice cube in the indent and it will disappear. 
  • Use sparingly, but baby oil can be wiped on to your kitchen appliances such as your kettle to keep them shiny. 
  • To remove tough watermark stains on your toilet, WD40 removes them.
  • Putting half a lemon in the dishwasher and turn it on will really make your glasses shine.  

For example, I might write a reminder to go along all the skirting boards and door frames – I use fabric conditioner and water to do this, because it cleans and also smells nice too. 

Every fortnight I’ll also do a seven-hour deep clean which means clearing the fridge out, organising the larder and scrubbing the areas a mop and hoover can’t reach – that’s when my cleaning caddy, which I’ve called Marcel, comes out. 

Everything is stored neatly and labelled, and I make my own wax melts and room sprays too, to ensure everything always smells nice – that’s so important. 

One time a neighbour walked past my house and could smell my washing from the road – I was so pleased!

My absolute favourite chore is taking out the washing, it’s just a dream. I just love doing it, and get so much pleasure from it. 

The only thing I don’t like is putting washing away, and ironing. 

Obviously I’m extremely houseproud, but that’s not to say it has to be spotless at all times – and the kids are still able to enjoy themselves and treat it as their home.

During the recent half term for example there was bad weather and it was rainy so I had about 20 pairs of dirty shoes by the back door and mud and all sorts was being tracked through the house.

But I didn’t worry – I just knew I’d have the joy of doing a deep clean the following week!

My friends and family all ask me for tips and are really supportive, and the kids look after their own rooms and help out, but they know I enjoy it so let me get on with it. 

Some people have made nasty comments in the past, like “what a boring house they must have” or “I wouldn’t want to go to a party at hers” but actually we’ve have some crazy parties and I always love clearing up afterwards – there’s nothing more satisfying!

I know I’m lucky to have the time to dedicate to looking after my home and make it nice for my family. 

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I’m doing what makes me happy – and there’s no harm in that.

You can follow Amanda’s cleaning tips on her Instagram @mrskshappy.

Amanda was heavily inspired by Mrs Hinch when she discovered her in 2018


Amanda was heavily inspired by Mrs Hinch when she discovered her in 2018Credit: Amanda Klarke
Amanda spends seven hours a day keeping her home in tip top condition


Amanda spends seven hours a day keeping her home in tip top conditionCredit: Amanda Klarke
Fans are blown away by the mum-of-three's incredible organisational skills


Fans are blown away by the mum-of-three’s incredible organisational skillsCredit: Amanda Klarke
Amanda has a perfectly arranged powder room with her make-up and hair extensions


Amanda has a perfectly arranged powder room with her make-up and hair extensionsCredit: Amanda Klarke


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