I’m ‘fat’ & my husband is slim – trolls say he’s SICK to be attracted to me


WHEN married couple Carla and Larry joined TikTok last year, they thought it’d be a fun place to share snippets of their life together.

Since then, the San Diego-based couple have amassed over 354,000 followers thanks to their workout videos and relatable marriage sketches.


The couple hit back at trolls who said Larry must be ‘sick’ to be attracted to his wife by jokingly ‘calling the doctor’Credit: Tik Tok/ carlaandlarry
The pair married last year


The pair married last yearCredit: Kennedy News

But like with anything online, no amount of success comes without a bit of trolling.

Earlier this year, the pair – who are currently expecting their first child – went viral when they posted a video explaining how Larry has helped Carla love her body.

In a video that’s racked up over 12.8 MILLION views, Carla admitted she didn’t like it if Larry ever touched her stomach when they first got together.

But now they’ve been together for a few years, the 27-year-old says her husband has taught her “what it means to be truly loved by someone” which has helped her to “love herself”.

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After that video blew up, the couple said they received cruel comments from trolls – who said Larry must be “sick” to find Carla attractive.

Hitting back at the mean messages, the pair filmed a follow-up video of them “calling the doctor” about Larry’s “illness”.

Speaking about their internet fame earlier this year, Carla said: “The more viral your video goes, the more people there will be to find something negative to say.

“I’m very comfortable with the word ‘fat’, with calling myself ‘fat’. I think there is a misinterpretation – our profile is called ‘Carla and Larry’ for a reason.

“I’m human so of course there are moments when the comments get to me. But it’s not like I sit and cry about it.

“I’m a positive person so I try to focus on the women who see value in the videos we do. I get emails and messages everyday thanking me for not being ashamed of showing my true self.

“It’s amazing that people who don’t even know us have our back.”

Loyal Larry likes to let the negativity roll off him, as he said: “I just make sure to support my wife and make sure she’s not down. At the end of the day, there’ll be trolls attacking whatever you do.

Jibes about her weight are nothing new as Carla said her weight has always fluctuated, she said: “I was always chubbier as a kid before losing a lot of weight as a teenager, my weight would fluctuate my whole life.

“When Coronavirus hit, I gained four stone. I really wanted to do something about it for the longest time.

“The turning point for me came for me on our wedding day last April. He always wants to pick me up, he’s a strong man.

“But I’m always so self-conscious that I never want him to do it and I remember us having our wedding photos taken on the beach.

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“Our pictures were beautiful. I really wanted him to pick me up so badly but my insecurities wouldn’t allow it. That’s where the shift happened, I think.”

Plus-size Carla decided to document her weight loss progress on TikTok as a way of holding herself accountable.

The couple are currently expecting their first baby


The couple are currently expecting their first babyCredit: Kennedy News
Carla says her weight has fluctuated her whole life and Larry has helped her love herself at whatever size she is


Carla says her weight has fluctuated her whole life and Larry has helped her love herself at whatever size she isCredit: Kennedy News

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