I’m a teen mum after falling pregnant at 14 – I’m planning number four soon


A TEEN mum has revealed how she’ll soon be trying for baby number four soon, after first becoming pregnant at 14.

TikTok user Kayte, has shared how she’ll soon be trying again for a baby, despite trolls shaming her for becoming a mum-of-three so young.


The teen mum is planning a fourth baby soonCredit: Tiktok/@babiesandk

Kayte had three children by the time she was 19 and told her followers on TikTok she was getting ready for baby number four at the age of 22, but needed to get a few things sorted before then.

Smiling at the camera, she said: “We want to get a seven-seater car, set up our house and a few other small things before planning a baby.

“So we’re not trying yet but will be soon!”

While many are supportive of the mum, Kayte recalls some of the criticism she’s faced for being a teen mum.

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In one video, she revealed some of the assumptions made about teen mums, such as ‘people thinking you don’t know how to look after your kids.’

Others have suggested ‘you’re single and sleep around.’

But Kayte had her first two children, Casey and Summer, with her ex and shares Rayleigh, her third child, with her current partner.

The young mum recalls in another video how when she was first pregnant at just 14-years-old her teacher decided to announce it to the entire class.

The experience left Kayte humiliated, and she never returned.

Responding to someone in the comments of her post, Kayte slammed the teacher’s actions as “unprofessional”, as she said: “Was honestly so unprofessional!

“I was going to continue school until he did that, then I was [too] embarrassed to go back.”

Kayte never returned to school and admits she lost a lot of friends, as a result.

“When I couldn’t meet up/talk with them all the time, they began to drop off or I cut them off because they didn’t understand,” she said.

“I had to focus on my family, so now my circle is very small.”

While some strangers online have been less than supportive, Kayte’s parents were.

Kayte said she loved being a parent, but wouldn’t recommend falling pregnant as a teenager.

The mum is now able to financially support her family, and hopes for it to continue to grow, wanting to add a fourth child.

The young mum has said people always assume the same things about teen mums


The young mum has said people always assume the same things about teen mumsCredit: TikTok/@babiesandk/
Some trolls assume she doesn't know how to take care of her kids


Some trolls assume she doesn’t know how to take care of her kidsCredit: TikTok/@babiesandk/
Thankfully most people support the mum online


Thankfully most people support the mum onlineCredit: TikTok/@babiesandk/


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