I’m a social worker & I’m trolled because I’d never send my kids to a sleepover


ONLINE commenters trolled a social worker after her viral statement that she would never allow her kids to attend sleepovers at friends’ houses.

Though her point of view seemed unorthodox, the woman, who is also a foster mom, held firm against trolls in the comments, arguing her strict rules are a safety measure.


Sleepovers are regarded a rite of passage, but the experience isn’t universalCredit: Getty
One mom said she'd never let her kids attend a sleepover for safety reasons


One mom said she’d never let her kids attend a sleepover for safety reasonsCredit: TikTok

Heather, who only uses her first name online, is a social worker and child welfare advocate whose background working with CPS has shaped her view on the popular activity.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Heather shared what she acknowledged is an “unpopular opinion.”

“Parents should not let their children spend the night with their friends,” she said.

Then, she shared a news clip for viewers to watch, “before they come for me in the comments.”

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The footage detailed the horrifying experience of a 12-year-old girl who was beaten, tortured, burned and cut at a sleepover – by girls her own age.

“Sleepovers are wrought for potential abuse and neglect of your child,” Heather explained.

That’s true even if you think you know the other child’s parents well.

“You don’t know who all will be in the home, you don’t know what the supervision is like,” Heather said.

“Just say no to sleepovers.”

Commenters argued that the incident Heather described was incredibly rare, and in a follow-up video, she shared four more examples, all news articles from the last year alone.

Even if the events are statistical anomalies, they still act as evidence of the severe safety risk, Heather argued.

“I’m sure that parents trusted these adults to keep their children safe during a sleepover,” Heather said. “But unfortunately, that didn’t happen.”

While Heather was clearly firm in her ideas, she faced resistance from commenters who labeled her as too strict.

“Sleepovers created some of the best memories of my childhood,” one parent said. “My son will be allowed to have sleepovers.”

“I don’t want to live in fear,” another viewer wrote. “This is definitely something to think about but fear is not the solution.”

Others said that none of the fun of sleepovers would be lost by having supervised, daytime visits at home.

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“Sleepovers are not a necessity for kids,” a mom wrote.

“Even if the statistics are low I don’t want to risk my child being the one in a million,” another parent agreed.

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