I’m a property expert, the tell tale signs that you live in a ‘rough’ area


EVER wondered where your hometown ranks on the ‘rough’ area scale?

Well, according to the experts, there are some classic tell tale signs that indicate that you’re in a dodgy neighbourhood.


Late night fast food shops are a tell tale sign of a ‘rough’ area according to expertsCredit: Alamy
Graffiti is also something to look out for if you're worried your area is rough


Graffiti is also something to look out for if you’re worried your area is roughCredit: Getty

Graffiti, betting shops and too many kebabies are all things to look out for when you’re worried you’re in the rough part of town.

So how does your area tot up?

House presentation

First off, you want to survey the houses and ask yourself – are people making an effort to look after their homes?

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If you can spot plenty of broken guttering, chipped paint work and grubby windows, it’s not looking good.

According to the experts at Find A Hood, you also want to watch out for cars parked over the front lawns and wild, overgrown gardens.


Apparently lots of graffiti is also a red flag.

The pros said: “Common places are on telephone exchange boxes, street signs, walls of any alleyways or on the sides of houses.

“Graffiti will highlight a problem with local residents of course but also displays a difficulty in controlling crime.”

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Property prices

The experts said: “If the area in question has either stagnant property prices or prices that are significantly lower than their surrounding areas, this could be an indication of an undesirable location to live.”

Local shops

One of the key things to evaluate is your local high street and the types of businesses that have set up shop.

Tell tale signs of a rough area include; lots of betting shops, cash for gold or pay day loan shops and a lot of late-night fast food joints.

On the other hand the pros said, there are a lot of estate agents, coffee shops and cute boutiques, chances are your areas is “thriving”.

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You can always do a quick search to fine crime rates and information about prices and types of residents in an area if you want to check out your neighbourhood.

You can use Findahood’s postcode analyser to find out all the stats about your space.


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