I’m a plant influencer – here’s my top tip for quarantining plants


THIS PLANT expert revealed the best way to introduce new plants to your existing collection.

Julia Rago, the self-proclaimed “Toronto Plant Doctor,” gave tons of advice on how to turn your room into an urban jungle.


The plant expert Julia Rago explained that you need to quarantine a new plant before introducing it to the rest of your collectionCredit: Getty
Rago said that plants need to quarantine for two weeks


Rago said that plants need to quarantine for two weeksCredit: Instagram/@torontoplant.girl

Rago told the Toronto Star that new plants need to quarantine from others for two weeks to make sure they are pest-free.

Much like the famous virus, these measures should be put into place so the new additions can safely join more mature plants in your collection.

The Instagram star and plant addict also gave other important tips for those looking to liven up their interior spaces.

Rago said that you should always check for pests when you get a new plant.

“Carefully inspect the fronts and backs of leaves and soil,” the Toronto Star reported.

“If there are any bugs, spray foliage, stems, and soil with an insecticidal spray once a week until there is no sign of pests. Usually, two to three weeks.”

Re-potting plants is also incredibly important, according to Rago.

“Rago recommends sizing up the pot by a maximum two inches and checking roots for any signs of moisture or rot,” the Star said.

“Place just a few inches of soil under the plant and then fill it in with more loosely packed soil.”

As far as watering your plant community, Rago suggests using lukewarm water and pour until it drips through the drainage hole.

Rago started her Instagram account @torontoplant.girl in August 2019 and now has over 50,000 followers.

This comes as a gardening pro revealed how to get a super green lawn by using a cheap kitchen item.

Jordan Page explained how she uses sugar to keep her lawn greener than ever.

For just a few dollars, she explained that white table sugar could solve many of your lawn’s problems, rather than spending between $300-$500 on weeding and fertilizers.

Sugar helps feed the beneficial microbes, insects, and worms within the grass, which would usually be killed by fertilizer.

These microbes and insects help to improve the soil structure, increase photosynthesis, and provide resistance to extreme climates.

Typically costing around $4, sugar is both super cheap and super easy to apply to your lawn.

Page said you don’t have to be precise and use a spreader, but instead, the gardening expert recommended using an old juice container with a wide mouth to shake out the sugar.

She advised that you can’t use “too much” sugar, but typically you will want to use a 5 lb bag for every one thousand feet of lawn.

Page also recommended applying sugar several times during your first year of the process to help make up for years of chemical damage.

After applying the sugar, she said to simply just wet down your lawn.

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Other than making your grass extra green, she said sugar is also beneficial for the environment.

Unlike fertilizers which can contain harsh chemicals, Page said the sweet kitchen ingredient is all-natural and won’t risk damaging the soil.

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