I’m a pilot and there is a clever way to always get off the plane first


A PILOT has revealed the best way to make sure you get off the plane first, if you are in a rush.

Pilot Jonny Knowlson previously revealed some of his top tips on how to make your flight much easier.


Commercial pilot Jonny Knowlson reveals his top tips for which seats to pick on your flightCredit: jonnythepilot

Jonny gave advice for those wanting to make a quick dash from the plane as soon as possible to avoid the lengthy waits.

He explained: “Front left and back left on many short haul flights work nicely as we normally disembark from that side of the aircraft, front and back.

“And being by an exit on the left-hand side of the bigger planes is crucial if you want to avoid being at the back of that passport queue.”

If you’re flying with hand luggage only, then he recommends trying to be on the plane first so you can be nearest your bags in the overhead lockers.

With Brits currently facing huge airport queues, which could last until the summer, his tips could mean you get off the flight a bit faster.

Jonny also revealed the best seats for people who want to sleep, as well as passengers who are scared of flying.

He said: “For the quietest seat sit as far forward and as far away from the engines as your budget allows, if you miss out on the front row then plump for an aisle seat.

“It will be marginally quieter than by the window, though the view is less appealing.”

“If you’re looking for the smoothest ride, did you know sitting over the wings on a big aircraft that flies at a higher altitude will work in your favour?

“Being closer to the centre of the plane’s mass while forces such as lift, torque, wind, gravity, drag and thrust act upon it will mean you’ll be well placed for a smooth ride.”

A flight attendant has revealed the best seats to book on a plane if travelling with young kids.

And another pilot recently revealed why you should never change your seat mid-flight.

 Choosing the right seat could get you off the plane much faster


Choosing the right seat could get you off the plane much fasterCredit: Getty – Contributor



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