I’m a nail tech earning $800 a DAY, people think it’s pricey but I’m an artist


A PROFESSIONAL nail technician gave a whistle stop tour of her day where she made $800 decorating people’s talons.

The popular pro created incredible artwork on her clients’ nails, including cartoon characters, trippy mushrooms and classic ombre.


People were blown away by Dev’s nail work like this cartoon deisgnCredit: TikTok/@thenailaddict
She even did an incredible trippy mushroom design


She even did an incredible trippy mushroom designCredit: TikTok/@thenailaddict
The nail technician also did this stunning ombre nail design


The nail technician also did this stunning ombre nail designCredit: TikTok/@thenailaddict

The artist, who is know as Nails By Dev, charges around $200 per nail set, giving her a $800 day for doing four luxury manicures.

Posting on TikTok she showed followers her day’s work, starting with setting up at the salon, turning on the neon lights and getting all er gear ready for her first appointment.

She then moved on to her first appointment of the day, who she gave a set of stunning abstract nails with swirls of blue and green.

After wiping down her station she moved onto her second client of the day, who went for a classic ombre style.

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Next up came a real challenge where, she actually drew characters onto her client’s talons.

She drew a different character from Nickelodeon’s vintage kids’ show The Wild Thornberry’s on each nail in a stunning display of skill.

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For her final appointment of the day, she painted an incredible psychedelic mushroom design on a black background.

Nail fans absolutely loved the incredible designs.

One person said: “You said nail art and I was expecting some flowers but no sis… this is like museum artist level.”

Another said: “Girl, you’re an artist who happens to do nails.”

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A third said: “Babe this ain’t no nail art. This is the nail Picasso , Vincent van nail, Leonardo da vin-nails , mich-nail-Angelo.”

While another said: “I’m a nail tech but am not even 1/2 as talented! I wish I had $800 days too!”


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