I’m a money coach & people should NEVER make pals at work – it’s for your safety


A MONEY investment coach revealed she urges people to refrain from mixing their work life with their private life.

She’s said it’s for people’s own safety and peace of mind.


A money coach is warning workers to refrain from making friends with colleagues and bossesCredit: TikTok
She said it will save a lot of hurt if things go awry


She said it will save a lot of hurt if things go awryCredit: Getty

“I’m gonna say this for your own good.

“Your coworkers are not your family, your boss is not your friend, and your company is not your community or your tribe,” money coach and former employment attorney Delyanne Barros said at the top of a video she shared on social media.

She said this is because you may create a false sense of security with a company or people that are not as invested in you as you are in them.

“I saw very loyal employees be treated like garbage when sh*t hit the fan,” she recalled.

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Barros added that’s why she now educates people about money investment and saving.

She wants them to have something to fall back on if they lose their job or ever need a cushion due to unforeseen circumstances.

Although Barros feels passionate about this, not everyone was on the same page as her.

“Disagree. My coworkers are my best friends.

“Countless bridesmaids, godparents, births, christenings, vacations, and birthdays,” one person wrote, pushing back.

“Some of my closest friends are from previous jobs.

“Can’t paint every situation with the same brush,” a second user argued.

“What a sad world view,” another slammed.

“My teammates are my family … And we live those values.”

However, just as many people were in agreement with Barros.

“I have worked in HR for 15 years and I couldn’t agree with this more!” one person exclaimed.

“They genuinely don’t care about you.

“They believe everyone is replaceable.”

A second supporter commented: “When I hear: ‘We are like one big happy family’ in an interview, I think it’s a HUGE [red flag].”

A third person admitted they learned Barros’ lesson “the hard way.”

Of course, there are situations in which your work and your family are actually the same.

For instance, a pair of best friends run an Airbnb business together to support their worldly travels, and another pair of pals met while traveling across the country and then ended up creating a company together.

Barros said she has seen issues arise when people are too intertwined with work


Barros said she has seen issues arise when people are too intertwined with workCredit: TikTok

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