I’m a mom-of-5 – my $2.50 solution makes laundry a breeze


LAUNDRY day is always a bit of a pill.  

And if you have kids at home, you know that the typical load grows tremendously with each added body.  


A handy mom shared a laundry method that left the internet praising her waysCredit: TikTok
The baskets she uses are budget friendly


The baskets she uses are budget friendlyCredit: TikTok

A mom-of-five named Emily Christensen, who goes by @eyelasheswithemily on TikTok, is known for her videos that feature useful home hacks and parenting tips.

She recently revealed how efficiently she does all the laundry for her family of seven, and the internet is commending her for it.

“I am a mom of five kids, and this is what our laundry system looks like.

“Each kid has a basket, and my husband and I also have a basket.”

She said that each basket only costs $2.50 at Target, so it wasn’t a splurge to buy seven of them.

In the laundry room, each basket sat atop its own shelf—which made for a highly organized space.

“Every night, I have my kids bring down their clothes and they dump it into the blue basket,” she said, while pointing at the larger plastic basket sitting next to the seven smaller ones.

She then dumps that blue basket filled with everybody’s clothes into the wash—and the load is never too big since they do laundry every night.

Because she has a newborn at home, she said she’s usually up at some point in the middle of the night.

When that baby does wake her up—typically around 2:30 am—she rotates the laundry from the washer into the dryer.

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“That is key: It doesn’t matter what time of day, but you have to at some point get the clothes from the washer into the dryer so that in the morning, it’s dry.”

Once she’s up for the day, she folds the clothes and sorts it into each person’s designated basket so that they can take their newly folded laundry back to their rooms to put away.  

She said the "key" is to have the laundry dried and ready to fold by the morning


She said the “key” is to have the laundry dried and ready to fold by the morningCredit: TikTok

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