I’m a landscape expert – 5 easy things to do for a perfect lawn


TIMING is everything when it comes to cultivating a robust, full, and healthy lawn.

When and how you cut your grass matters – and once you’ve figured out a routine, maintaining an enviable yard will feel like clockwork.


A landscape expert shared five strategies for maintaining a lush green lawnCredit: Getty
The time of day you mow your lawn has a big impact on its appearance


The time of day you mow your lawn has a big impact on its appearanceCredit: Getty

Ryan Eilermann, the Senior Director of Marketing at Spectracide Lawn & Garden, told Martha Stewart Living that keeping your lawn looking lush is easier than it seems.

Follow these five directions for a showstopping front lawn that will wow neighbors all spring and summer long.


Mowing your lawn in the afternoon doesn’t just wear you out and leave you sweating.

When the sun is at its highest, heading out with your lawnmower can result in long-term damage and dehydration to your grass.

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I'm a gardening expert - this is when you should mow your lawn

It pays to mow your lawn earlier in the day before temperatures rise too much, Eilermann told the outlet.

“Cut your grass mid-morning to give it time to recover before nightfall,” the expert advised.


Mowing your lawn too often, or not enough, can also sabotage the grass’s growth.

“Mow as often as needed to ensure you’re not cutting off more than a third of the grass blades at a time,” Eilermann said.

But what does that look like in practice?

“For many lawns, that’s weekly, but some lawns might need mowing more or less frequently,” the expert continued.

Once you’ve set a schedule that’s easy to follow and works with your other chores, stick to it.


If you’ve gotten into the habit of mowing on a weekly basis, you might slip into a bad habit as well: going in the same direction every time you mow.

Switching directions every session will improve the health of your grass, and result in clean, appealing lines on the freshly-mowed surface.

“Mow your lawn in a direction that is perpendicular to the last session’s direction,” Eilermann instructed.


Don’t grow overzealous and cut your grass too short, or you’ll risk filling the yard with weeds and invasive plants.

“Mowing the lawn too short can expose soil, increasing the potential for a weed to germinate and outcompete lawn grass,” the lawn expert explained.

Crabgrass and dandelions, especially, can take advantage of any bare patchess.

“Keeping your grass at the right height helps it get the sunlight and nutrients it needs for a lush, healthy lawn,” Eilermann added.


Finally, Eilermann said, don’t neglect other yard maintenance tasks while you’re focusing on the lawn at large.

Weeding the lawn’s edges, fertilizing your grass and gardens, and watering on a schedule are all just as important as mowing.

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Keep an eye out for weeds, insects, and signs of disease on your grass, too.

“Regularly scouting your lawn for these issues, keeping a regular maintenance schedule, and having the proper arsenal of tools and products are key for creating a lush, happy lawn this spring,” Eilermann said.

Keep an eye out for insects that can undo all your hard work in the garden


Keep an eye out for insects that can undo all your hard work in the gardenCredit: Getty
Rotating the direction you mow your lawn can encourage grass growth


Rotating the direction you mow your lawn can encourage grass growthCredit: Getty

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