I’m a home expert – a cheap kitchen addition adds THOUSANDS to your asking price


HOME cooks who dream about their ideal kitchens will be delighted to learn that one practical addition can add thousands to a home’s value.

Though it’s not as romantic as a fireplace or showy as new lighting, the add-on can increase your asking price, and save money on water bills.


A pot filler faucet can increase your home’s value by more than three percentCredit: Getty
The handy spouts are also known as kettle faucets


The handy spouts are also known as kettle faucetsCredit: Getty

According to Homes & Gardens, a pot filler (you may know it as a kettle faucet) is a small addition that substantially increases the value of your home.

Adding one to your kitchen can add up to 3.2 percent to your asking price.

It beats the two next-best additions to your kitchen: upgraded lighting fixtures and trendy doors.

Pendant lighting adds only 2.66 percent, and a barn door increases your home’s value by 2.32 percent.

The faucet also beats the value added by other amenities, like a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, and a double vanity sink.

“It may not be the most poetic or sexy of features, but they literally stood out in the kitchen and became the hot thing for homemakers,” Angi spokesperson Kaitlyn Pacheco told Homes & Gardens.

“Treat it as a furniture or design feature rather than a tool, and you’ll make a real impression on potential buyers.”

The feature is so desirable, in part, because it plays into buyers’ fantasies.

They’ll “picture themselves filling giant pasta pots with panache as charmed dinner guests look on,” Pacheco added.

Installing a pot filler in your kitchen can also reduce costs by depleting your water bill.

That means if you aren’t prepping to move anytime soon, it’s still a good investment.

And parents of small children, or anyone who loves to cook, would benefit from the added safety features of a pot filler.

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Because the faucet rests over the stovetop, you won’t be lugging pots of water back and forth across the kitchen.

In other words, you reduce your risk of spilling or dropping the heavy pots.

A pot filler also provides safety benefits for any families who love cooking


A pot filler also provides safety benefits for any families who love cookingCredit: Getty

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