I’m a gardening pro and here’s how to stop cats pooing in your garden


THERE’S nothing worse than going out into your garden for a relax only to discover it’s covered in animal poop – especially when it’s not even from your pet.

Well you’ll no longer face this problem if you follow these top tips that can deter cats, and other animals, from entering, or at least stop them from defecating in your garden.


Stop cats pooping in your garden with these top tipsCredit: Getty

All these tips have the bonus of also being animal friendly and causing no harm to the animals that have been entering and making a mess of your garden.

Odour repellent

Cats are incredibly sensitive to strong scents, and so these can easily be used to deter them from even entering your garden. Pick a scent such as lavender or peppermint and mix with water, then spray around the garden.

This may be a short-term solution, but is one that will be effective and cause no harm to the feline.

You can also use scents to deter animals from entering your garden by using tea bags instead of a spray.

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Motion-activated sprinkler 

A somewhat costly, but effective solution is to install a motion-activated sprinkler in your garden. Cats strongly dislike getting wet and if they are sprayed with water every time they enter your garden they will be sure to stop doing so.

Sound motion detectors

Another possibly costly solution would be to install sound motion detectors. These work by emitting a high frequency sound when movement is detected, which usually is unable to be heard by humans.

Place these at entry points to your garden and you’ll soon have an animal poop-free space.


Cats do not like the smell of bananas, so chopping them up and scattering them around your garden (especially those flower beds) will stop these felines from defecating on your plants.

Citrus peels

Don’t throw away your orange, lemon and lime peels, instead chop them up and place them around your garden. Like bananas, cats don’t like the smell of citrus fruits. 

You could also squeeze some citrus fruit into water and then spray this around the garden, if you already have a use for your peels.


This may not be the best option for those who take pride in their garden’s appearance, but placing twigs in your garden can is a simple solution for keeping cats at bay as they will not want to walk on them.

Instead of twigs you could also consider using eggshells or holly cuttings, both of these will also help deter them from entering your garden.

Cleaning your garden

The opposite of the previous suggestion, but keeping your garden clean can also prevent animals from entering and using it as a bathroom.

If animals are repeatedly defecating in the same area, simply washing it down with soapy water can get rid of their scent meaning they’ll be less likely to return.

Outdoor litter tray

An outdoor litter tray may not be the ideal solution, but if none of these other work at least it’ll keep the cats off of your favourite plants.


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