I’m a gardening expert – how to make your own bog garden WITHOUT a pond


IN TONIGHT’S episode of Spring Gardening with Carol Klein – she reveals how to make the most of your bog garden.

If you don’t have one – don’t worry, the gardening expert reveals how to make the most of your bog garden.


Carol Klein, a British gardening expert revealed how to create your own bog garden without a pondCredit: Knickerbocker Glory TV

She revealed that a bog garden is a part of the garden which has no running water or pond, yet the soil is still exceptionally moist.

Carol revealed how to make the most of this part of your garden.

The gardening expert revealed her favourite flowers to plant in these areas – which will thrive in damp soil.

These included – Irises, Primulas, and Globe flowers.

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If you don’t have a natural bog garden Carlo said there was an easy way to get around it.

She first digs a hole about half a foot in depth and lines it with a plastic bin bag, making sure to add holes to the bottom.

You don’t want them to sit in stagnant water- plants still like the water to drain through which is why it’s so important to put holes in the bottom says Carol.

The gardening expert then makes a mixture of soil and water to make sure it’s damp.

She said the plants would ‘thrive’ in these areas.

She warned viewers to ‘think carefully about where you create your bog garden.’

After planting – give the soil good watering down with a hose to make sure it’s damp.

Carol said to do this regularly to stop the soil from becoming too dry so the flowers can bloom.

The expert said that to make your own boggy paradise all you need to do is dig a six-inch deep hole and line it with a bin bag that has holes in the bottom.

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Then make a mixture of soil, water and leaf mould for the plants to thrive in.

Then you can plant your flowers and give them a good water to make sure they have enough to drink.

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