I’m a flight attendant and I always take a £16 money-saving item on holiday


IF THERE is one group who you can trust to give the best packing advice for your holiday, it is flight attendants.

After many journeys away, they can be trusted to know exactly what to bring away with them in their suitcase – including some money-saving home comforts.


Take a travel kettle away with you is a great way to enjoy the comfort of a cuppa while saving moneyCredit: Amazon

There is nothing that will make you feel more settled than making a cuppa from your own travel kettle.

This is the recommendation of flight attendant and TikTok user @flywithmerm who listed it among her must-have items for trips.

But before you think that it will likely take up too much space – this travel kettle is collapsible.

In a post on the site, she demonstrated how she was able to fold up the nifty gadget into a circular bag to fit easily into her luggage.

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This one on Amazon – which is lightweight and compresses to just 14cm by 9cm – comes in at less than £20.

The TikTok user added: “Before y’all start this is a must have recommendation STRICTLY FOR CABIN CREW/ PILOTS.

“But all frequent travellers could use this too.”

Some hotels don’t come with a kettle, and it can be perfect for camping too.

Her post – which has been viewed more than 405,000 times – has received more than 30,000 ‘likes’, with many thanking her for the brilliant idea.

One person wrote: “THANK YOU FOR THIS POST!!!! I’ve been looking for something like this.”

Another commented: “Best thing to have.”

Amazon customers were also very happy, with one customer – who left five stars – writing: “Took up no room in packing.”

Another, who also left five stars, added: “Lifesaver!! Fab bit of kit.”

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We also told you how flight attendants also swear by packing cubes in their suitcase when they go away.

And here are some other packing hacks for family holidays shared by mums.

Flight attendants can be trusted to know what is best to pack in your suitcase


Flight attendants can be trusted to know what is best to pack in your suitcaseCredit: Getty


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