I’m a cleaning whizz… my three hacks will get your bathroom sparkling


A MUM-OF-TWO has taken the internet by storm after revealing three hacks to get your bathroom clean.

Chantel Mia, from Melbourne, Australia, uploaded an Instagram video showing how to make bathrooms sparkling, including a genius 2p tablet trick for dirty loos.


Chantel’s videos have amassed her more than 912,000 followers on InstagramCredit: Instagram/mama_mila_au
The mum claimed denture tablets will get your loo and sink sparkling white


The mum claimed denture tablets will get your loo and sink sparkling whiteCredit: Instagram/mama_mila_au

Although there are countless of cleaning products in the market, homeowners don’t have to rush to the store and splurge out – according to the Aussie, all you need is a pack of denture tablets.

These, she claimed, work like a charm to get both the loo and sinks sparkling white – and no need for a vigorous arm workout whilst scrubbing them either.

Her second trick in the clip, which has been liked by close to 87,000 fans on social media, revealed how to get showers free of soap scum build-up.

Here, Chantel instructed, simply grab a dish wand and fill it up with a secret cleaning mix.

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The miracle concoction, the video demonstrated, consists of white vinegar, two tablespoons of dish soap, as well as a couple of drops of tea tree oil.

Once ready, use the wand to go around your shower, whilst scrubbing in circular motions before rinsing it off with water.

”This mix is will cut through soap scum and make your shower sparkle,” the cleaning whizz claimed.

If there is some of the miracle potion left, you can also use this to get the shower tiles sparkling and free of any soap and dirt residue.

For this, the Aussie cleanfluencer said, you will need a microfiber mop which you then simply run across the tiles in an upwards and downwards motion.

The Melbourne-based mum has become a go-to for many fellow cleaning enthusiasts, with her videos amassing her more than 921,000 fans.

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In fact, she’s become so beloved in the community, Chantel even recently came out with an Ebook, sharing tips to help you get your space clean in 15 minutes.

”Oh I have been postponing deep scrubbing my walls for so long but im gonna do it today [sic]!” promised one fan.

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But despite the positive feedback, not everyone’s convinced, with one critic writing: ”Isn’t the sponge scratching and ruining the glass?

”I’ve tried it here and i found small lines afterwards.”

Someone thought the sponge will scratch and ruin the shower glass


Someone thought the sponge will scratch and ruin the shower glassCredit: Instagram/mama_mila_au


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