I’m a chef & a $3 Target item can help your meals taste as good as any restaurant


ONE chef is revealing an item that can make your meals taste as good as any restaurant – and chances are, it’s already in your fridge.

If not, you can pick it up for $3 at Target.


A chef is revealing a cheap item that can make your meals taste better

A chef at a French restaurant told Buzzfeed that the secret ingredient and reason why food tastes so good is butter.

“The only thing dairy free is the salad…and drinks, of course,” the chef said.

Other chefs chimed in on a Reddit thread, confirming the claim.

“There is way more butter than you think in almost every dish you eat at fancy restaurants, and that is usually the reason you won’t see the amount of calories in each dish,” one chef wrote.

“As a cook at an Italian restaurant in the past, can confirm 100%, another said, adding they made “everything from scratch and the theory was ‘more butter, more cream, less problems.'”

Butter at the box store generally goes for around $3.

In addition to butter, many people on Reddit chimed in with another ingredient they enjoy using while they cook.

“Salt, too. It’s pretty common knowledge I think that there’s abstractly a lot of salt but I think it surprises people to realize just how much,” one Reddit user wrote.

“Very sobering to find the nutrition info for an item you like and see that that “healthy”-seeming sandwich has more than half of your daily recommended sodium.”

Another chimed in echoing the claims, writing, “The reason restaurant food tastes so good is way more salt & butter than anyone thinks. Then flavor balancing those with sweet, heat, and acid.”

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“When in doubt, add butter. Head chef here confirms,” another user said.

Industry secrets are a popular topic on Reddit. This particular thread garnered more than 37,000 comments.

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