I’m a budgeting expert & here’s how I got a free $1,500 monitor and $1,600 chair


A TIKTOKER shared tips on how to receive expensive items for at-home offices for free.

User @webravelygo stated that she has been working from home for the past five to six years and claims that she received half of her office supplies for free.


A TikToker gave tips on how users can receive free office supplies such as computer monitorsCredit: TikTok

“I got this $1,500 MacBook monitor 100 percent for free,” she said showing off the monitor. 

The user also boasted about receiving an office chair that was worth over $1,600 for free as well.

“The number one trick to getting free home office supplies is local office buildings,” she said.

The user explained that companies are constantly buying office items, especially now that many companies are “trying to entice people to come back to the office,” she said.

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“That means they’re upgrading stuff, which means they’re getting rid of stuff.” she continued.

She encouraged her viewers to get in touch with office managers in their area to ask if they will be getting rid of any items.

“You can also try dumpster diving if you’re up for picking through a little trash,” she added. 

“You would not believe  the tens of thousands of dollars companies just throw out.”

The video received over 170,000 views and 27,000 likes. Viewers took to the comments to give feedback and ask questions about how to get in touch with office managers.

In a separate video, @webravelygo answered some of those questions.

“If you know there’s a company that you want to get stuff from, just Google their information, call them and then ask to be connected to the office manager,” she said.

“I promise you, you would not believe how often they say ‘yes, you can come get this s***. We don’t want it.’”

Commenters also left some of their own advice as well, with one writing: “Look for brand new office lease space ads…those places are usually left with a ton of office furniture and computers they want to get rid of ASAP.”

“I’d like to add joining a local buy nothing group on Facebook. Lots of times people are getting rid of really nice stuff,” wrote another user.

The user boasted about receiving a $1,600 office chair completely free


The user boasted about receiving a $1,600 office chair completely freeCredit: TikTok

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