I’m a bride & guests are ruining wedding by replying to invites with 4 comments


THERE’S no denying that your wedding is the most special day of your life – but at the same, it’s a total logistical nightmare.

Not only have you got to think about things like centrepieces, wedding favours and DJs, you’ve also got the mammoth task of getting all your nearest and dearest together in one place.


The bride-to-be has been fuming over her guests’ responses to invites so farCredit: nourishbymeg/Tik Tok
She's had people cheekily asking to bring plus-ones


She’s had people cheekily asking to bring plus-onesCredit: nourishbymeg/Tik Tok

So with this in mind, TikTok user Megan Balestrini has our every sympathy.

Earlier this week, the bride-to-be shared the four most annoying responses she’s had from guests since sending out her invites.

She explained: “When you think the worst parts of wedding planning are over when you send the invites… it’s only just begun.”

To make things more efficient, Megan and her fiancé have set up a wedding website which has a Q&A page about the specifics.

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What’s more, guests can also RSVP through the website too so they don’t have to send anything back in the post.

Although Megan thought it’d be all smooth-sailing from here, she’s been left furious over some of the responses she’s had from cheeky guests so far.

In the viral clip that’s racked up over 30,000 views, the bride used stock images to avoid naming and shaming her actual family.

To begin with, Megan claims mums keep asking if they can bring their kids and joked about one who wanted to bring FOUR.

On top of this, she says they’ve also be inundated with people saying that their website “link isn’t working”.

In their invitations, the couple have specified that they want an “unplugged” ceremony – meaning guests are banned from taking photos or recording.

Much to Megan’s frustration, this hasn’t gone down well with Megan’s guests so far.

“Can’t believe you want an unplugged ceremony on the most important moment of your life,” she claims one person replied. “Selfish!”

Unsurprisingly, whether to give people plus-ones has also proven problematic – and Megan claims she’s had guests ask if they can bring people they’ve only just started dating.

The bride joked: “Can I bring my hookup from last weekend as a plus one?”

She added: “Forever grateful for humans who just RSVP quickly and call it a day.”

Needless to say, the video struck a chord with other brides.

One replied: “For me it was ‘I’m bringing my brand new boyfriend as a plus one’ even though she did not have a plus one. They broke up. He is in our photos forever.”

Another added: “I feel like people forget that weddings are social obligations.

“If you aren’t down to abide by the pre-set standards (eg kids or plus ones), you don’t have to come and there will be no hard feelings about it.”

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“We had someone volunteer their young kids (who we didn’t know) as flower girl and ring bearer so they didn’t have to find childcare for the weekend,” a third said.

“Ugh this makes me not want to start wedding planning,” a fourth said. “I can’t deal!”

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