I’m 35 and if I can’t raise £150,000 I won’t see my little girl grow up


A DAD needs to raise £150,000 to get a life-saving operation and make sure he’s able to watch his little girl grow up.

Chris Ansell desperately needs a liver transplant, but isn’t able to get it on the NHS.


Chris Ansell with his family – he desperately needs the operationCredit: gofundme

The 35-year-old has got primary sclerosing cholangitis – a chronic liver disease.

This condition slowly damages the bile ducts, and when he was diagnosed three years ago doctors said the transplant was vital.

He had been on the list for a procedure, until he started showing signs of jaundice.

The dad, who works for Nestle, was told in March he had cholangiocarcinoma – bile duct cancer.

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Now, he is no longer eligible for a transplant, due to the cancer.

He said: “The next steps are clear; however, it’s not so clean-cut for me. Whilst I still need a liver transplant to survive, UK policy dictates that if cancer is found, you are not eligible for transplant.

“As it stands within the UK, there are no viable alternatives to save my life; just prolong it via treating cancer. 

“However, there are private options outside of the UK where I could get the liver transplant needed to save my life.

“We are currently in discussions with consultants in Ireland and Switzerland; however, this treatment wouldn’t be covered via the NHS and would need to be paid for by myself.”

The dad has launched a Go Fund Me appeal, to try and raise the £150,000 he needs to get the surgery.

He says doctors told him it would be possible to remove the cancer and have a new liver in one prodedure.

But tragically the dad is outside the criteria for a transplant in England.

Chris’ wife Joanne, 35, told the Yorkshire Post: “If they operated and gave him the transplant, they’d remove the bile duct anyway, and the solution would be solved.

“What I can’t get my head around is the UK has rejected his case when he’s young and the liver condition is not anything he’s done.

“He’s not abused drugs or alcohol and the cancer is contained within the transplant area anyway.

“They’ve caught it extremely early and it’s small.”

Over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend the family revealed they have received over £100,000 in donations.

Chris wrote: “I’m struggling to find words that truly show how appreciative we are of every single one of you.

“We are a 2/3 of the way there and that couldn’t have been done without you.”


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