Idiot tourists fined £844 for breaking strict rules at holiday hotspot


TWO idiot tourists have been fined after breaking a strict rule during a holiday in Italy.

The unnamed men were visiting Rome from the Netherlands when they decided to enter the Trevi Fountain.


Two Dutch male tourists have been fined for getting in the water at the Trevi FountainCredit: Getty – Contributor

Police attended the scene on Friday afternoon with the two men attempting to avoid capture by mingling in the crowds of tourists.

They were soon caught and handed a fine of around €1000 (£844) for their crime, according to local media.

Breaking the rule also comes with a temporary ban from returning to the monument.

It is also illegal to sit on the fountain, or to paddle or wash in its waters.

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Pets are also forbidden from drinking from the fountain.

And many tourists were slapped with fines before the pandemic.

In 2017, Rome’s mayor Virginia Raggi warned tourists they faced fines of around €240 (£201) for eating or drinking while sitting on the edge of the Trevi.

In 2019 a woman was fined €250 (£225) for sunbathing in her bikini while in Venice.

And two tourists who decided to make coffee on the steps of a historic bridge in Venice were slapped with a €950 (£854) fine for their antics.

Last year, holidaymakers were fined as much as €3,000 (£2,580) for taking shells and stones from Sardian beaches as souvenirs.

It’s not just Italy – tourists in Spain could land themselves a £25 fine if caught smoking on beaches in Barcelona.

And Spanish officials have also introduced a £2,400 fine for tourists who spark up a barbecue on the country’s picturesque beaches.

The Historic tourist attraction dates back to 1612


The Historic tourist attraction dates back to 1612Credit: Getty


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