I was turned away at the airport after booking last-minute holiday – I’m gutted


A MUM was gutted after being turned away from the airport after booking a last-minute £1,500 holiday because of a “technical issue”.

NHS worker Rebecca booked the holiday to Fuerteventura for her family and thought that because she got her vaccines last year her Covid app would have updated.


Rebecca had booked a last-minute holiday – but was turned away at the airport after her Covid-19 app failed to show proof of her third vaccineCredit: MEN Media
The mum's Covid app failed to show proof of her booster


The mum’s Covid app failed to show proof of her boosterCredit: MEN Media

But after queuing for almost two hours at the check-in desk, she was told her third jab was not showing up and she didn’t meet the requirements to enter the Spanish island.

Rebecca booked the week-long trip with two of her daughters, Lottie and Ella, and their friend Molly – but they were turned away at the airport.

The Government website states that in order to travel to Spain, all flyers must have had two jabs.

However, if the second jab was more than 270 days ago, adults must be able to show proof of a booster.

Having forked out a whopping £1,500 for the all-inclusive trip with TUI, mum Rebecca was left devastated after she says she “followed every rule”.

She told Manchester Evening News: “We had booked a last-minute holiday because we have recently moved into a house and there are renovations being done.

“I wanted to take my teenage daughters away to get away from it all and a change of scenery. We booked it on the Sunday and were all really excited to go on holiday.

“One of my daughters has only had one jab, but took an antigen test which showed she was safe to fly. I had followed all the guidance working in healthcare and had two vaccines and my booster.

“I got to the check-in desk and the woman looked at me and told me I did not have the booster. I explained that I did, but I did not realise my NHS app wasn’t showing it. I rang NHS 119 and was so stressed out as we had paid for parking and were all ready to go.”

Working on the front line herself, Rebecca said she has “done her part” and was confused as to why her NHS app did not show she had not had her booster jab, which she claims she received over six months ago.

She added: “I have had all my vaccines, so didn’t think that there would be an issue and you don’t think to check.

“I have lost the money up to now and haven’t heard anything. TUI were great with us and explained the guidelines they had to follow, but we were just gutted and couldn’t believe we had been turned away when I have followed every rule and done what has been asked.

“I feel really let down as something has gone wrong somewhere.”

NHS England confirmed the health service set up a Vaccine Data Resolution Service (VDRS) for situations of this nature – where somebody’s vaccination status fails to register on the app.

They also urged people travelling to check their Covid-19 apps beforehand.

They wrote: “As part of the NHS Vaccination Programme, the health service set up the Vaccine Data Resolution Service (VDRS).

“The VDRS resolves missing or incorrect vaccination records for people vaccinated in England who have a current NHS number and are registered with a GP practice in England.

“Referrals to the VDRS can be made via any of the services accessed via 119. If a member of the public believes they have missing or incorrect COVID-19 vaccination data, GPs are advised to get them to call 119 and ask the call agent to make a referral to the VDRS team on their behalf.

“The VDRS team aims to call the person back within five working days.”

TUI declined to comment.

The mum was left gutted after losing out on the £1,500 holiday


The mum was left gutted after losing out on the £1,500 holidayCredit: MEN Media


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