I want to live with my boyfriend but worry how my family will cope without me


DEAR DEIDRE: I’D love to move in with my boyfriend but I’m worried about leaving my family. I’m not sure how they’ll cope without me.

I’m 24 and live with my dad, 61, and brother, 14.


I want to go but I feel like that’s really selfish of me

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My brother was diagnosed with non-verbal autism three years ago.

Over the years, we developed our own sort of sign language.

My dad has his own issues too. When he was 55, he had a stroke.

He’s made a good recovery, but still struggles with walking and talking.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for six years, and he’s been so supportive.

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But he’s just been offered a great job at the other end of the country and wants me to move with him.

I want to go but I feel like that’s really selfish of me.

DEIDRE SAYS: Moving out is not selfish. You are entitled to your own life.

You can put support in place to help support your brother and father.

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Contact citizensadvice.co.uk who will help you.

I’m also sending you my support pack, Help For Carers.


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