I miss my wife jumping on me for sex every time I walk in the door


DEAR DEIDRE: I WOULD love it if my wife jumped on me and started taking my clothes off – just like she used to.

She is 51 and there’s no spark when it comes to her wanting sex. I’m 56 and love sex.


She hardly touches or kisses me and she doesn’t seem to enjoy it

Every night I hope “maybe tonight”, but when she climbs in beside me, all she wants is her book.

We have sex every now and then, but it’s always me who makes the effort. I think she feels it’s a chore.

She hardly touches or kisses me and she doesn’t seem to enjoy it. It’s like she can’t wait for it to be over.

I don’t want to be in a sexless marriage.

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We are too young to give up on intimacy, but we might as well be housemates.

This doesn’t need to be the end of your sexual relationship.

DEIDRE SAYS: When a woman hits her 50s, the menopause can affect libido and sometimes sex is no longer as high on the agenda.

She’s your wife, so you should be able to talk to her about anything.

Explain you are worried about her lack of sex drive and you want to support her.

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Encourage her to talk to her GP if she’s worried. There are treatments that would help her get her va-va-voom back.

My support pack Sex In Later Life will help.


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