I hate when the drawstring comes out of my clothes – how I fix it in seconds


Washing bulky items like hoodies and sweatpants is always a little frustrating.

They take up so much room in the washer, many of them need to be hang dried, and oftentimes, the drawstring slips right out of the hole.


You’ve likely experienced the frustration of a drawstring falling out of your hoodieCredit: TikTok/routeoneapparel
To fix this, all you need is a straw


To fix this, all you need is a strawCredit: TikTok/routeoneapparel

Posting to the TikTok account of the Maryland clothing line company Route One Apparel, a woman revealed how she fixes at least one of these problems.

“Here’s how to get a drawstring back into your hoodie,” she began.

“Take a straw and insert the drawstring through it.”

Next, she said to fold the “aglet,” or the little plastic wrap on the end, back into the straw.

“Finally, thread the straw throughout the hood until it’s out, and now your hoodie is back to normal.”

The sturdiness of the straw made it easy to grasp and push alone through the hood, while still holding the string in place.

The clip received over 4 million views and thousands of comments:

“You just solved a 100-year-old problem. Thanks!” one person wrote.

I wish I knew this earlier,” added a second.

As for another useful clothes hack, laundry expert Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap, shared a few ways to cut back on your energy bill while cleaning your garments.

One of those involves washing your clothes with cold water.

Washing your clothes at cooler temperatures, and for less time, can greatly increase your machine’s energy efficiency: a 30-degree cycle can cut your washing machine’s energy use in half, in comparison to a 40-60 degree cycle.

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It’s more cost-effective to save your hot washes for any bedding, towels and sportswear, as these items are most likely to host a multitude of bacteria.

For even further savings, use the eco setting on your washing machine, if it has one. 

Once you feed the straw through the hood, your drawstring will be back in place


Once you feed the straw through the hood, your drawstring will be back in placeCredit: TikTok/routeoneapparel

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